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The Cave List

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The Cave List
The Cave List

When the body of Saloon Steward Herbert Cave was recovered, among his effects was found this partial listing of first class passengers. It is the only documentary evidence of cabin allocations on the Titanic. The list was probably produced some days prior to sailing as it includes several passengers that cancelled passage on the Titanic. Errors and typographical features of the original have been left intact in this transcription. For more analysis see the article A Thorough Analysis of the Cave List.

This transcription presented courtesy of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.





"S. S. Titanic,"



Wednesday, 10th April, 1912.

Captain, E. J. Smith, R. D. (Commr. R. N. R.).

Surgeon, W. F. N. O\'Loughlin.
H. W. McElroy.
Asst. Surgeon, J. E. Simpson. R. L. Barker.

Chief Steward, A. Latimer.




B5 Allen, Miss Elizabeth A23 Barkworth, Mr. A. H.
  Walton B58
Baxter, Mrs. James
Allison, Mr. H. J.
B60 Baxter, Mr. Quigg
  Allison, Mrs. H. J. C6   Beattie, Mr. T.
C22 and Maid D35
Beckwith, Mr. R. L.
C26 Allison, Miss Beckwith, Mrs. R. L.
  Allison, Master C148   Behr, Mr. K. H.
  and Nurse B49
Bishop, Mr. D. H.
E12   Anderson, Mr. Harry Bishop, Mrs. D. H.
D7   Andrews, Miss T   Blackwell, Mr. Stephen
    Cornelia I.     Weart
    Andrews, Mr. Thomas A31   Blank, Mr. Henry
C101/2   Appleton, Mrs. E. D. C7   Bonnell, Miss Caroline
Aubert, Mrs. N. C103/1   Bonnell, Miss Lily
and Maid D22/1   Borebank, Mr. J. J.

E33   Bowerman, Miss Elsie E58   Colley, Mr. E. P.
A21/1   Brady, Mr. John B. E45
Compton, Mrs. A. T.
B10   Brandeis, Mr. E. E49 Compton, Miss S. R.
C101/1   Brown, Mrs. J. M. E52 Compton, Mr. A. T., Jr.
Buckell, Mrs. W. C101/3   Cornell, Mrs. R. C.
and Maid C132/1   Craig, Mr. Norman C.
B38   Butt, Major Archibald     K.C., M.P.
    W. B22
Crosby, Mr. Edward G.
      Cosby, Mrs. Edward G.


E24/3   Calderhead, Mr. E. P.


Cardeza, Mrs. J. W. M. E17   Daly, Mr. P. D.
B53 and maid B71
Davidson, Mr. Thornton
B55 Cardeza, Mr. T. D. M. Davidson, Mrs. Thornton
101 and Manservant C90   de Villiers, Mrs. B.
Carter, Mr. William E. B20
Dick, Mr. A. A.
B96 Carter, Mrs. William E. Dick, Mrs. A. A.
B98 Carter, Miss Lucile A34
Dodge, Mr. Washington
  Carter, Master William Dodge, Mrs. Washington
    T. Dodge, Master Washing-
    Case, Mr. Howard B.     ton
Cavendish, Mr. T. W. B60   Douglas, Mrs. F. C.
Cavendish, Mrs. T. W. C86
Douglas, Mr. W. D.
and Maid Douglas, Mrs. W. D.
Chaffee, Mr. Herbert F. and Maid
Chaffee, Mrs. Herbert F. A18   Dulles, Mr. William C.
C37   Cherry, Miss Gladys      
A9   Chevré, Mr. Paul      
E 33   Chibnall, Mrs. E. M.      
    Chisholm, Mr. Robert      
    Christy, Mrs. Alice      


    Christy, Miss Juli C53   Earnshew, Mrs. Boulton
Clark, Mr. Walter M. D31   Eastman, Miss Anne K.
Clark, Mrs. Walter M. C45   Endres, Miss Caroline
C110   Clifford, Mr. George D20   Eustis, Miss E. M.
    Quincy A29   Evans, Miss E.



Harper, Mr. Henry
E25/3   Flynn, Mr. J. I. Sleeper
C111   Foreman, M. B. L. and Manservant
Fortune, Mr. Mark Harper, Mrs. Henry
  Fortune, Mrs. Mark     Sleeper
C23 Fortune, Miss Ethel C83
Harris, Mr. Henry B.
C25 Fortune, Miss Alice Harris, Mrs. Henry B.
C27 Fortune, Miss Mabel D45   Hawksford, Mr. W. J.
  Fortune, Mr. Charles B69
Hays, Mr. Charles M.
D34/3   Franklin, Mr. T. P. B73 Hays, Mrs. Charles M.
D40   Frauenthal, Mr. T. G. B24 and Maid
B39   Frolicher, Miss C54   Hays, Miss Margaret
    Marguerite B11   Head, Mr. Christopher
      E46   Hilliard, Mr. Herbert
      C39   Hipkins, Mr. W. E.
Hippach, Mrs. Ida S.
      Hippach, Miss Jean
      D11   Hogeboom, Mrs. John C.


    Holden, M.A., Rev. J.
E63   Gee, Mr. Arthur H.     Stuart
Goldenberg, Mr. E. L. C93
Hoyt, Mr. Frederick M.
Goldenberg, Mrs. E. L. Hoyt, Mrs. Frederick M.
A5   Goldschmidt, Mr.      
    George B.      
C51   Gracie,Colonel      
C42   Graham, Mr.      
Graham, Mrs. William G.      
C125 Graham, Miss Margaret      
Greenfield, Mrs. L. D.


D12 Greenfield, Mr. W. B. C49   Isham, Miss A. E.
B84   Giglio, Mr. Victor      
Guggenheim, Mr.      



Harder, Mr. George A.     Jakob, Mr. Birnbaum
Harder, Mrs. George A. E60   Julian, Mr. H. F.



E46   McCarthy, Mr. Timothy
B37   Kent, Mr. Edward A.     J.
Kenyon, Mr. F. R. E25/1   McGough, Mr. J. R.
Kenyon, Mrs. F. R. E38   Millet, Mr. Frank D.
Kimball, Mr. E. N. C78
Minahan, Dr. W. E.
Kimball, Mrs. E. N. Minahan, Mrs. W. E.
C124   Klaber, Mr. Herman Minahan, Miss Daisy
      C30   Molsom,Mr.H.Markland
Morgan, Mr.
      A20 Morgan, Mrs.
      E36 and Maid


C128   Lambert-Williams, Mr.


    Fletcher Fellowes C118   Natsch,Mr. Charles
E37/1   Lawrence, Mr. Arthur D48
Newell, Mr. A. W.
D17/3   Leader, Mrs. F. A. Newell, Miss Alice
D31   Lewis, Mrs. Charlton T. Newell,Miss Madeline
Lines, Mrs. Ernest H. D47   Newsom,Miss Helen
Lines, Miss Mary C.      
D6   Long, Mr. Milton C.      
D9   Longley, MissGretchenF.      


Ostby, Mr. E. C.
      B36 Ostby, Miss Helen R.
      D43   Ovies; Mr. S.


B5   Madill, Miss Georgette      
C108   Maguire, Mr. J. E.      
C47   Marechal, Mr. Pierre


Marvin, Mr. D. W.     Parr, Mr. M. H. W.
Marvin, Mrs. D. W. C142   Partner,Mr. Austin
C6   McCaffry, Mr. T.     Payne, Mr.V.

Pears, Mr. Thomas B45
Snyder, Mr. John
Pears, Mrs. Thomas Snyder, Mrs. John
Penasco, Mr. Victor E34
Spedden,Mr. FrederickO.
Penasco, Mrs. Victor Spedden,Mrs. Frederick
and maid O.
C104   Peuchen, Major Arthur and Maid
C110   Porter, Mr. Walter Spedden, Master R.
    Chamberlain Douglas
C50   Potter, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. and Nurse
Spencer, Mr. W. A.
      Spencer, Mrs. W. A.
      and Maid
      B50   Stahelin, Mr. Max
          Stead, Mr. W. T.
Stehli,Mr. Max Frolicher
      Stehli,Mrs. Max Frolicher
      D20   Stephenson, Mrs. W. B.


Stone, Mrs. George M.
    Reuchlin, Mr. Jonkheer and Maid
    J. G.     Straus, Mr. Isidor
Robert, Mrs. Elizabeth C55 and Manservant
Walton C57 Straus, Mrs. Isidor
and Maid C97 and Maid
A24   Roebling, Mr. Washington D50   Sutton, Mr. Frederick
    A. 2nd D17/1   Swift, Mrs. Frederick Joel
A32   Rood, Mr. Hugo R.      
A10   Ross, Mr. J. Hugo      
Rothes, The Countess of      
and Maid      



Taussig, Mr. Emil
C106   Saalfeld, Mr. Adolphe Taussig, Mrs. Emil
C125   Shutes, Miss E. W. Taussig, Miss Ruth
E24/1   Silverthorne, Mr. C126
Taylor, Mr. E. Z.
E44 Silvey, Mr. William B. Taylor, Mrs. E. Z.
Silvey, Mrs. William B.   Thayer, Mr. J. B.
A26   Simonius, Mr. Oberst   Thayer, Mrs. J. B.
    Alfons   and Maid
A7   Smith, Mr. J. Clinch   Thayer, Mr. J. B., Jr.
A19   Smith, Mr. R. W. C53   Tucker, Mr. G. M., Jr.




B19   Van der Hoef, Mr. C32   Young, Miss Marie


D46   Walker, Mr. W.      
Warren, Mr. F. M.      
Warren, Mrs. F. M.      
White, Mr. Percival W.      
White, Mr. Richard F.      
White, Mrs. J. Stuart      
C99/1 and Maid      
C120/1 and Manservant      
Widener, Mr. George D.      
and Manservant      
Widener, Mrs. George D.      
and Maid      
Widener, Mr. Harry      
Wood, Mr. Frank P.      
Wood, Mrs. Frank P.      
C52   Woolner, Mr. Hugh      

First Class Passenger List S.S. Titanic ("3rd Proof") ["Cave List"], Public Archives of Nova Scotia

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  1. Hildo Thiel

    Hildo Thiel said:

    Hi all, I have a question about the cavelist. First class had a cavelist. Had second- and third class a cave list too? regards, Hildo

  2. Mike Poirier

    Mike Poirier said:

    Apparently something similar was held at the WSL offices in NY. As Esther hart consulted it right after the disaster to see who was in the cabins near her and who survived out them.

  3. Hildo Thiel

    Hildo Thiel said:

    Thanks Michael for the message. So in the White Star Line offices in New York, they had copy of something that looked like a cave list. Was that for all the classes or only first and second class? Hildo

  4. Rolf Vonk

    Rolf Vonk said:

    Hi there, I thought there were "Cave lists" and detailed deckplans for every class aboard Titanic. However only the first class "Cave list" and detailed deckplan survived, cause they were taken from the sinking ship by two first class stewards, including Mr Herbert Cave. Regards, Rolf

  5. Michael H. Standart

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Just a point of clearification, Cave List is not a generic term for a cabin assignment list. It was a name applied to such a list which was found on the unfortunate Herbert Cave's body. Cordially, Michael H. Standart

  6. Daniel Rosenshine

    Daniel Rosenshine said:

    Another point about the "Cave list" which is not generally known, is that it was not only a first class cabin list. The second half of the list was the second class passenger list, but no cabin numbers. Mike, do you know what deck or cabin Esther Hart was in? If it was on D deck, then yes getting a passenger's name and cabin was very easy as a second class steward's body was found with tickets for the entire D deck section in second class. Undoubtedly these tickets were forwarded to WSL in NY, however as other items forwarded there, the tickets are now missing, and most probably no longer exist. Is it known though that there was a complete cabin list for at least 1st and second class. Miss Isham's family obviously also contacted WSL to find out she was in C49, and then contacted Gracie, and probably Marschal too. Daniel.

  7. Hildo Thiel

    Hildo Thiel said:

    Hi all, Thanks for the information. So the "cave list" is so named because it was found on the body of Mr. Cave. So maybe we must call it cabin list or some kind of a passenger list. Regards, Hildo

  8. Michael H. Standart

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Danial, wish I could help you on this, but I'm more of a tech kind of guy. I don't know as much about the passangers as I would like to. Cordially, Michael H. Standart

  9. Richard Dobrenel

    Richard Dobrenel said:

    Hi you all, I've a question, Could the Cave List have been printed aboard the Titanic in order to make easier the work of the stewards (after that many passengers moved to other cabins)?It could explain the great differences between the prices paid by passengers and the cabins they occupied. But as Herbert Cave was a Saloon Steward, he did not nee the latest cabin list, what can explain some passengers moved after the printing of the list. Hoping you can help me. Richard [Moderator's Note: This message, originally posted as a separate thread, has been moved to this pre-existing thread addressing the same subject. MAB]

  10. Richard Dobrenel

    Richard Dobrenel said:

    is it possible?? Richard

  11. Michael H. Standart

    Michael H. Standart said:

    If you mean could an informal list have been cobbled together as an in house working document so the hotel staff could keep track of who was where and who was responsible for keeping it up? Offhand, I would say the answer to that is "Yes." >>It could explain the great differences between the prices paid by passengers and the cabins they occupied.

  12. Richard Dobrenel

    Richard Dobrenel said:

    That's exactly what I mean... The prices we can find on ET are the official prices paid at the offices of Paris,... So, if the passengers changed of room during the journey (and it was changed on the staff's lists), the prices and the occupied rooms look like very different. Cordially, Richard

  13. Michael H. Standart

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Richard, I'm not so sure were even on the same page here. The Cave list had nothing more on it then who was assigned to what cabin. It just wasn't concerned with who paid how much for what and didn't even have cabin prices on it. (See https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/cave_list.html ) All it was concerned with was who was being bunked where. That's it.

  14. Richard Dobrenel

    Richard Dobrenel said:

    I know that. But, on some discussion pages, I saw that Mr. X or Mrs. Y paid just £xxx xx s. for a large suite on B-Deck, e.g. So, this difference could be explained by the fact that the paid price (found on the page of this passenger) was the one paid in an office in England or France and that this passenger wanted to be moved to another cabin (which is noted on the Cave List) and paid the surplus to a staff member (purser?). This price is noted nowhere (it has maybe sunk with the ship). I suppose this fact explains the difference between the cabin occupied by the passenger (seen on the Cave List) and the paid price if there is a substantial difference. Cordially. Richard

  15. Lester Mitcham

    Lester Mitcham said:

    Hello Richard, On this web-site under: Latest Research Articles you should read: A THOROUGH ANALYSIS OF THE “CAVE LIST” by Daniel Klistorner - 1st April 2004 What you are suggesting does not accord with the likely date of the Cave List. - That is the cabin assignments on the Cave List pre-date Titanic's sailing by at least several days. None of that goes any way to explaining the often large differences between the fare paid and the advertised Rate for a particular room. As for example Major Butt paying £26 11s. - That is the Minimum 1st Class fare from London. - £26 for his room and 11s for Rail travel from London to Southampton, showing as being in B-38 for which the advertised rate was £60. The type of arrangement you speak of [on-board payments to the purser] could [only] have applied to the few passengers who are on the Cave List with no room assignment, to some of those who booked in the last few days, or to those who are on the Cave List with room

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