Census, Newlyn, Cornwall

Robert Hichens, aged 19 is at home at St Peters Hill, Newlyn, Cornwall with his family. He is described as a fisherman.
The family are listed as follows:
Philip Hichens 45 Fisherman b. Newlyn
Rebecca Hichens 39 b. Whitby, Yorkshire
Robert Hichens 19 Fisherman b. Newlyn
Angelina Hichens 16 Tailoress b. Newlyn
William C Hichens 15 Fisherman b. Newlyn
Richard Hichens 11 b. Newlyn
Juliett Hichens 9 b. Newlyn
Frederick Hichens 8 b. Newlyn
Sydney N Hichens 6 b. Newlyn
Jane Hichens 4 b. Newlyn
James Hichens 2 b. Newlyn

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