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At the Southampton Borough Police-court, yesterday, George Francis McGough was charged on remand with feloniously killing and slaying John Dwyer, by throwing or pushing him over the coamings of the hatchway of the British Steamer Rustington, lying in Santos Harbour on the 10th March last.

Mr. W. Coxwell prosectuted on behalf of the Public Prosecutor, and stated the facts which he proposed to call in evidence.  The facts were the same as have already been fully reported, and showed thast on the day in question several members of the crew of the Rustington went ashore.  They had drink, but not too much, though the prisoner was stated to have had more than was good for him before he returned to the ship, prior to the alleged murder.  Prisoner, a Liverpool Irishman, was spoiling for a fight, and when he got on board he said he wanted to fight, and did not care who it was.  Several members of the crew tried to persuade him to go to his bunk, but he refused, and eventually started on Dwyer, who was not eager for the fight, and the pair engaged in a scuffle.  Both fell to the deck close to the fore hatch, and when they rose Dwyer, whose back was towards the hatch, was butted in the stomach by the prisoner, who also caught him by the legs and tipped him over the hatch coamings into the hold.  Several members of the crew went down into the hold, where they found Dwyer covered with blood and he died in about two minutes. When the men came up on deck after the tragedy prisoner was seen walking up and down close to the hold.  Prisoner said, "Why don't you have that man up, and go for a doctor, or shall I go for a doctor myself."  Prisoner was told that the man was dead, and he would have to suffer for that, and prisoner told the carpenter to "shut up." or he would be thrownover too.  The distance the deceased fell was 26 feet.  Another member of the crew who witnessed the occurrence, said to prisoner, "Now, you have done it; you will have to swing for this."  Prisoner replied. "I done it like a man, and I will swing like a man."  Prisoner was not sober at the time. - The case was eventually adjourned until to-morrow morning at 10.15.

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