Chicago Widow Sends Plane for Bridegroom But Gale Delays 9,000-Mile Race to Altar

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CHICAGO, Dec. 9---Mrs. Emily Boris [sic] Ryerson, wealthy widow of Arthur Ryerson, the steel maker, who was lost on the Titanic, today dispatched an airplane to St. Paul in an effort to bring her fiancé to Chicago in time for their wedding this afternoon. The attempt failed, for it was dark when the airplane returned, and the wedding was put off until tomorrow.

The fiancé was Forsythe Sherfesse, financial adviser to the Chinese Government at Peking.

From Peking, where he became acquainted with Mrs. Ryerson, Mr. Sherfesse made the 9,000-mile race to the altar by ship, train and airplane, and in each instance encountered bad luck.

A storm at sea brought him into port two days late. Heavy snows throughout the Northwest brought his train from the coast into St. Paul, Minn., hours late, and today head winds and bitterly cold weather delayed his arrival in Chicago.

Mrs. Ryerson called at the airport today and chartered the Gray Goose. The monoplane winged off and reached St. Paul before the train arrived. Mr. Sherfesse was intercepted and put on board the airplane with his portable baggage.

In expectation that the airplane might return without delay, Mrs. Ryerson drove in her big sedan to the airport at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon. All preparations had been made for the wedding. It was put off till tomorrow, however, when Mrs. Ryerson learned that the plane could not possibly arrive here in time.

The couple will sail from New York on Dec. 13 for Italy, and will go to Persia for a wedding trip.

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