Christopher Mills Letter

A letter from a relation of Chris Mills. Written in the days following the sinking it mentions the uncertainty of knowing whether or not he had survived...

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Chris Mills
Mrs Slaney
221 Campbell Rd

20 - 4 - 12

Dear Mr. Cottom

Thanks for the letter, we considered it very kind on your part, introducing yourself in sending the letter. Yes we heard the news concerning the terrible disaster, know [sic] mistake its [sic] dreadful you referred to the place being in a gloom, its the same this way the way everywhere, your papers would have been accepted with thanks, we are receiving different papers, we had one paper where uncle Chris name was published amongst the number yesterday's paper differs, on reading down the list, last night we read Uncle Chris was amongst the saved, don't know whether it is correct or not, we shall after [sic] wait patiently to see, this morning a friend of ours Mr. Handle & his wife travelled on the same boat, it was reported they were saved, with deep regret it is not true, they had a cable from the wife saying the dear fello was lost, he came for a visit to see his mother, & also bought a house to shelter her before his return back, it seems dreadful doesn't it, you see Mrs Cotton you will witness more than we as you are so much nearer, it felt very deeply throughout every- where, Uncle Chris sister Girty, came to our house the night after the dreadful news & her daughter, our thoughts wondered to dearlittle Alfie it grieved us all very much to think of him picutring the little chap out on the ocean, this will make him very nervous, little Francis we dare not tell her until she gathered something was wrong, & then she sobbed bitterly - mamma our Alfie what shall we do, she asked some perculiar questions, rather remarkable a week last Sunday the doctor was {?} the dear little girl, this is the third time, & had the doctor have been the Father of that child he couldnot have paid more attention, she is a marvel to be with us, the doctor says its good nursing, we thought she would have passed away a week last Sunday, he has been doctoring a 5 week now, she is getting a long slowly we was afraid to upset Francis, it was not wise to tell her but very little, she was sobbing so about Alfie, she asked us not to leave her. I thought the time doctor was looking on the little child her Father little knew we wrote to her dad not so long ago, but got no reply, tell Alfie to write when he returns please, as Uncle Chris is amongst the saved, we shall probably hear from him, it is dreadful to sad it makes your blood shudder the more you think of it, we may hear from you again & thank Mrs Cotton it was very kind of you, love to Alfie, "Wishing him God's guidance & safe retun" Yours sincerely Mrs Slaney

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Courtesy of Dave Leach, UK


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