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Dr. William A. White Testifies Concerning Examination of Defendant in Insanity Case
Dr. William A. White, Superintendent of the Government Hospital for the Insane, testified yesterday afternoon before Justice Barnard and a jury, giving his opinion that Mrs. Mary E. Gage, of 4 Dupont Circle, is suffering from paranoia. Assistant United States Attorney Harvey Given gave evidence concerning an attempt of Mrs. Gage about three years ago to prevail on him to secure an indictment against a local mercantile agency for giving her a poor rating commercially. Several officials of the Post-office Department told of annoying visits from Mrs. Gage, who complained of delays in the transmission of mail matter intended for her.

Ten more witnesses are called for today by the District to strengthen the claim that Mrs. Gage is mentally unbalanced.

For more than an hour yesterday Mrs. Gage was subjected to a searching cross-examination by Attorney A. S. Worthington and Assistant Corporation Counsel Schuldt.

She stuck to her story that Mrs. Archibald Gracie and a newspaper reporter had informed her of the alleged opposition of Charles J. Bell, prominent local banker, to her social and financial success in Washington. She admitted she was mistaken in centering upon the banker the failure of her plans, and declared she now harbors no resentment against him.

Dr. White told of his examination of Mrs. Gage extending over an hour at the House of Detention, March 11 last, the day of her arrest. When asked for his opinion Dr. White said he found Mrs. Gage profuse and circumstantial in her conversation, but was unable to get from her what appeared a reasonable answer as to the trouble which she claimed to be undergoing.

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