Clapton Widow's Application

Hackney And Kingsland Gazette

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Mrs Sarah Wood, the widow of the second-class steward of the ill-fated “Titanic,” – the late James Thomas Wood, of 7, Narford-road, Upper Clapton – applied at Shoreditch County Court yesterday with regard to the disposal of a sum of £286 19s. 6d. paid into court on behalf of the dependents of the deceased by the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company.

It transpired that the applicant, with two grown-up daughters, live together at the above address.

Judge Smyly: Perhaps the best thing is not to allocate the sum of money while you are living together. It is all you get, so it is advisable not to work it too hard. What do you suggest?

Mrs. Wood replied that she had thought of £5 a month.

His Honour: You are still young, and probably have many years before you: but I will give you £5 a month for a period of six months, and then we can see. If it continued after that, it would leave you rather stranded at the end of about four years.

The view was also expressed by his Honour that it was perhaps better not to allocate any of the money to other dependents at the present time.

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