Clue to Titanic Survivor Rouses Kin, Friends Here

Milwaukee Journal

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A possibility that Lorraine Allison, believed to have lost her life in the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, may be alive has stirred the interest of several Milwaukeeans who read an Associated Press item from Montreal, Que., in the Journal Thursday.

The item related that a Mrs. Lawrence Kramer, living at Berkley, Mich., had discovered that her last name was Allison and that she had been rescued from the Titanic by an Englishman named Hyde, who had brought her up as his daughter.

Lorraine Allison, who was 3 at the time of the disaster, was the daughter of Hudson J. C. Allison, Montreal financier, and his wife, Bessie, who was a Milwaukee girl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Daniels.  Mr. and Mrs. Allison lost their lives on the Titanic.

Mrs. Allison was a niece of Mrs. Joseph U. Lademan, of 1727 N. 34th st. and Mrs. Adam Gross, 2563 N. Farwell av.

“It seems strange that the truth, if it is the truth, should be coming out so late,” Mrs. Lademan said Friday.  “When I read the story in The Journal, it revived painful memories.”

Friends Are Interested

Other Milwaukeeans interested are Mrs. Henry l. Sorenson, 25899 N. Frederick av., and Mrs. Emil E. Schulz, 2706 N. 48th st., girlhood friends of Mrs. Allison, who attended West Division high school.

"When we were in our ‘teens, we formed a sunshine club and Bessie was one of the member,” Mrs. Sorenson said.  The club still meets.”

Mr. and Mrs. Allison were returning from England on the Titanic with Lorraine and a 9-month-old son.  According to Mrs. Lademan, Mrs. Allison refused to leave the ship after it struck an iceberg, without her son, from whom she became separated in the confusion.  Unknown to her, a nurse the Allisons had for the baby, had snatched him up and gone with the baby into a lifeboat.  They survived the disaster.

May Be an Heiress

According to the Associated Press, Hyde, who had a 3-year-old daughter of his own, lost trace of her in the confusion board the ship and rescued Lorraine, never telling her or the authorities of the circumstances.  Hyde’s own daughter perished.

The Allison boy, according to Mrs. Lademan, died when he was 21.  Mrs. Kramer, if she is able to prove that she is the missing Lorraine, may be an heiress to the considerable Allison fortune in Montreal.

Mrs. Kramer learned of her alleged relationship to the Allison family when she sought to obtain a birth certificate in connection with alien registration.

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