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Will Entertain Miss Force and Her Family Over Labor Day
Special to The New York Times
KINGSTON, N. Y., Sept. 2---The announced plan of Col. John Jacob Astor and Miss Madeleine T. Force to remain at Col. Astor's Summer home, Ferncliff, near Rhinebeck, until Labor Day or later will probably be carried out, as the crew of his yacht, the Noma, has received shore leave over Sunday.

The Noma still lies at the landing at Ferncliff and there are no indications that she will sail immediately. Until she does Col. Astor and the members of the Force family will enjoy the hospitality of Ferncliff.

The Astor-Force party remained on board the Noma during the night, and did not get up to Ferncliff until after 9 o'clock this morning. During the day Col. Astor showed his fiancée and guests over the estate, part of the trip being taken in one of the Colonel's touring cars.

The quiet of Ferncliff was disturbed during the day by heavy blasting at one corner of the estate, where rock is being removed by the New York Central Railroad for four-tracking the road.

The pumps which supply the swimming pool on Col. Astor's estate were kept busy all day yesterday and to-day pumping fresh water into the pool and baths, and these were also visited by members of the Astor party.

Cot. Astor's well-known custom of visiting Kingston Point Park in his launch, the Zyllaphone, attracted a large crowd to that pleasure resort to-night, but none of the Astor party appeared. Often Col. Astor and his son spend part of the evening at the park roaming through the crowds, listening to the open-air concert, and watching the merry-go-rounds.

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