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Will Improve Beechwood, Where He and Mrs. Astor Will Live
Special to The New York Times
NEWPORT, R. I., Nov. 30---Col. John Jacob Astor is contemplating extensive improvements to Beechwood, which has become his property since the recent death of his mother, the late Mrs. William Astor, who held a life interest in the estate on Bellevue Avenue and the Cliffs.

The estate on which Mrs. Astor spent a large sum in renovating five years ago, when she had a large white and gold ballroom added, has plenty of ground to allow of any extension Col. Astor may decide to make. Beechwood, which has long been one of the noted show places of Newport, will be, hereafter, the residence of Col. and Mrs. Astor. They have not been here for the past two seasons.

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