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Animal, Which Society Is Expected to Take Up, Is a Cross Between a Bear and a Hound
Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont Praises Hammerstein's Productions---Duchess of Marlborough's Return Delayed
After three days of stormy weather the North German Lloyd liner Kronprinzessin Cecille arrived yesterday with 916 cabin passengers. Among the notable persons on board were Col. John Jacob Astor, Mrs. Astor, Miss Alice Astor, and Vincent Astor. The Colonel created interest among his fellow-passengers by bringing over a breed of dog that is expected to become popular in New York. The dog imported by Col. Astor is a long-legged, medium-sized animal, black in color, with eyes set almost in the top of its head. It was described by its owner as a cross between a she bear from the Pyrenees Mountains and a black Spanish hound. The Colonel called his new pet Bergere.

The animal attracted attention on the pier and appeared to have a sailor's in-born hatred of Customs Inspectors. She growled continuously as three of these officials walked around her to examine her points. Col. Astor said that he intended to go to Savannah with the party from the Automobile Club of America on the City of Savannah on Nov. 21 to see the race on Nov. 26.

As Col. Astor came down the gangplank he was served with papers in a suit for $200,000 brought by Charles M. Meyers and Edward M. Colie, receivers for the Telephone, Telegraph, and Cable Company of America, which became insolvent some time ago. Col. Astor was a large stockholder in the company, and the receivers assert that he is personally liable for a part of the debt. The papers are returnable in the United States District Court at Trenton on Oct. 1.

Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont, who was on board, said that her daughter, the Duchess of Marlborough, would not come to America for some time, owing to the ill health of her youngest son. Mrs. Belmont spoke about the opera abroad and said: "Mr. Hammerstein put on the cleanest and best opera in New York that has been seen for years, and for that he ought to be congratulated."

Dr. Emil G. Hirsch, rabbi of the Mount Sinai Synagogue in Chicago, was another passenger on the Kronprinzessin Cecilie. He said that he had not seen Gen. Bingham's article regarding the prevalence of crime among Jews in this city, which Gen. Bingham has since taken back.

Other passengers on the Kronprinzessin Cecilie were:

Dr. and Mrs. Duddley P. Allen, Mrs. J. A. Bostwick, Mrs. Laura Covington, Miss Marlon Biddle, Mrs. Frank T. Howard, Mrs. J. T. Harahan, A. R. Jackson, Mrs. J. H. Hoffman, Harry Neuberger, Mr. and Mrs. Benno Neuberger, Mrs. Nelson Peron, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McGowan, Maurice Untermyer, Harold S. Vanderbilt, Baron Pierre de Morogues, Baron Robert Snoy, Baron Arthur von der Ropp, and Stephen Van Rensselaer.

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