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Leaves in Noma with Miss Force and Her Family for Astor Country Home
Belief That the Ceremony Will Take Place There---Labor Day Visit with Trunks
Rumors that the wedding of Col. John Jacob Astor and Miss Madeleine T. Force is now a matter of only a few days at the most gained fresh impetus yesterday, when Col. Astor's yacht, the Noma, with Col. Astor, Miss Force and other members of the Force family on board, sailed up the Hudson for Ferncliff, Col. Astor's country home on the Hudson, near Rhinecliff. The Noma sailed from Duffy's Landing, 181st Street and the Hudson River, at 3:30 o'clock. Those on board besides Col. Astor and his fiancée, were Mr. and Mrs. William H. Force and Miss Katherine Force, the parents and sister of Miss Force, of 18 East Thirty-seventh Street, and Hosmer J. Barrett of Newport.

The Noma had not reached Yonkers before a rumor was current that Col. Astor and Miss Force were to be married before the Noma returned to New York. There was no confirmation to be had of such a report, but it spread just the same. It is believed that Col. Astor and his guests will remain at Ferncliff until after Labor Day, and in the event the marriage does take place it is believed that Ferncliff will be the place where the ceremony will be performed.

About 2:45 P. M. yesterday Mrs. Force and her younger daughter, Miss Katherine, left the family home in East Thirty-seventh Street. They had a large amount of hand baggage, and leaving the house drove in a taxicab to 181st Street, where they went on board the Noma. Soon after the departure of Mrs. Force and Miss Katherine Col. Astor arrived at the Force home in his automobile. Reporters were waiting for him, but he would not be stopped, and ran briskly up the steps and into the house before any of the reporters could question him. Col. Astor reappeared after a few minutes accompanied by Miss Force. He was in good humor. He laughed heartily when a reporter asked him if he was going away to be married. The laugh was the only answer.

"Will you be away over Labor Day?" the reporter asked.

"I really cannot say," Col. Astor answered.

"Will you be married before you return to New York?" Col. Astor was asked a second time.

"I hope you boys will have a good time," Col. Astor answered still laughing, and that ended the interview. A moment later the automobile was whizzing across town on the way to the landing at 181st Street.

After Col. Astor had gone an effort was made to get information from Mr. Dobbins, Col. Astor's secretary, but Mr. Dobbins did not know a thing about the wedding plans of Col. Astor and Miss Force; at least that was the impression his answers to many questions created.

No reliable information was to be had yesterday as to the terms of the settlement that Col. Astor is reported to have made on Miss Force. There was no confirmation of the report that the amount of the settlement was $5,000,000.

The baggage that was taken from the Force home to the Noma consisted of two trunks, seven bags, and a number of small hand pieces. It was said that four men, friends of Col. Astor, had boarded the yacht and were of the party that is to spend the week-end at Ferncliff. Their names were not disclosed.

The present is not Miss Force's first visit to Ferncliff.

Col. Astor returned from Boston, whither he went to arrange for his son Vincent's quarters in Claverly Hall at Harvard, yesterday morning. Vincent Astor is in Newport.
POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., Sept. 1---Col. Astor’s yacht Noma arrived at Rhinecliff at 8:45 to-night. It was said at Ferncliff, Col. Astor’s home, that the Colonel and his guests would not leave the yacht until to-morrow. The Noma is anchored off Rhinecliff.

It is expected that Col. Astor and his fiancée will spend Labor Day at Ferncliff.
Special to The New York Times
NEWPORT, R. I., Sept. 1---The belief is general in the Newport Summer colony that the marriage of Col. John Jacob Astor and Miss Madeleine T. Force of New York is to be a Newport event some time after the Newport horse show, which ends next Wednesday, when Col. Astor, Miss Force, and her parents are expected back at Beechwood.

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  1. Annie McDonald said:

    In Sept. 1911, the RMS Olympic crashed with the HMS Hawke. Astor married that same month. He died seven months later on the Titanic. Strange coincidences.

  2. Annie McDonald said:

    Col. Astor also traveled on the Olympic, the same ship I stated earlier, before joining her younger sister on his trip back to New York with his bride.

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