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Would Willingly Go Out to the Philippines---Does Not Approve of W. W. Astor's Course
Special to The New York Times
RHINEBECK, N. Y., Aug. 10---Col. John J. Astor was home at Ferncliff yesterday, and the correspondent of THE NEW YORK TIMES had a talk with him.

Mr. Astor takes great interest in the Philippine campaign, and if the War Department should express a desire for him to go there he would willingly do so, and be ready at a moment's notice to leave his friends to answer any call his country may make upon him.

The Colonel does not approve of the course of his cousin, William Waldorf Astor. As he remarked to-day, “I have the blood in me of my grandmother, who was a sister of Col. Henry Armstrong and daughter of Gen. Armstrong, and they were true Americans."

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