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Paid the Owner of a Horse Which Was Frightened to Death by His Automobile
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POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., May 21---Henry Gormand of Rhinebeck received $300 from Col. John Jacob Astor the other day under circumstances that show that the Colonel wishes to do the right thing whenever it appears that others are liable to suffer pecuniary loss through him.

Col. Astor was driving one of his large automobiles on the Port Road when Mr. Gormand, who was exercising a spirited horse, motioned to him to stop. The dust obscured Col. Astor's vision, and he did not see the signal, and consequently did not stop. After he had passed Mr. Gormand, he noticed that the latter's horse, which had been plunging violently, had dropped in the road. His chauffeur ascertained that the animal had burst a blood vessel and at he was valued at $300.

Col. Astor sent the man with $300 to Mr. Gormand with his sincere regrets that the accident had happened. The horse died within twenty-four hours.

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