Commander C. H. Lightoller

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Commander C. H. Lightoller died at his home at Twickenham yesterdayat the age of 78. He was for many years with the White Star Line andwas second officer in the Titanic when on her maiden voyage across theAtlantic in 1912 she struck and iceberg and sank.. He had previouslybeen shipwrecked at the age of 17 while serving his apprenticeship insail. During the 1914-18 war he served in the Royal navy and during the1939-45 war, though unable to get back to active service, he skipperedcrews ferrying vessels for the Admiralty. At the time of Dunkirk hetook his 60ft motor-yacht Sundowner to assist in the evacuation andbrought back 130 men in on trip. His only surviving son,Lieutenant-Colonel R. T. Lightoller, was at Dunkirk, but was not awareuntil later that his father had been there. Commander Lightoller wasthe author of a volume of reminiscences entitled The Titanic and otherShips.

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