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New Profile Posts

  1. Brandssss
    Tổng hợp các thông tin về công nghệ, giáo dục, thể thao, sức khỏe và tin tức xã hội
  2. Marcelo Jenisch
    Marcelo Jenisch Jim Currie
  3. Arthur Maynard
    Arthur Maynard
    In 1970 I bought my first house from a survivor, her name was Hellen Ostby. She lost her father and fiancé on the trip.
  4. Annalisa Evelyn Arnold
  5. hoaithuong
  6. TheEngineerGuy
    TheEngineerGuy Hanco Bol
    Hello Hanco, i am really interested in the Accomodation Plans you have posted of the Second Class on Olympic! And i really would like to arrange a swap of Materials or Plans if you are interested in thi

    Best whiches
  7. Julian Romanowsky
  8. Ashleytheash
    Omg i love the titanic!
  9. Patrick Cullen
    Patrick Cullen Arne Mjåland
    Dear Arne,
    As Town Historian of West New York, N.J. I discovered your 4/15/2000 letter to our library about Catherine McCarthy. I did find a lot on this site, about her. I did find a John Woolnough (her brother in law?) in a 1910 Parker's North Hudson Directory living in Guttenberg at 200 24th Street . University History Major Nicole Vega, helped me upload my photo. Thanks again, Arne!
  10. Harland Duzen
    Harland Duzen
    Book in Production!
  11. Linda Pinchin Nee Farrell
    Linda Pinchin Nee Farrell George Jacub
    Thankyou ever so much George, When reading what you wrote all i did was cry but then again that is all i do when watching Titanic, so many lives could of been saved but sadly so many was lost. I cant thankyou enough. Many Thanks Linda
  12. Christopher Stewart
    Christopher Stewart
    married to my Susan for nine years now.
  13. Mike Spooner
    Mike Spooner
    Just before I had finished on the Royal Mail Contracts it had been posted? Late delivery penalties? If so did that apply to TITANIC to?
  14. Mike Spooner
    Mike Spooner
    Hi, Just change to the subject. Can any body tell me about the Government awarded Royal Mail Contracts ton the shipping companies?
  15. Shayla Swanson
    Shayla Swanson
    Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waitin for me My lover stands on golden sand And watches the ships that go sailin - it’s stuck in my head
  16. Tom�s Eduardo Podest�
    Tom�s Eduardo Podest�
    1986. that there was a fireman named John Alexander Podestá, aboard. He survived and died in Southampton in 1963
  17. James Matthew McKillen
    James Matthew McKillen
    My photo was taken in 2003. I am now retired. The Titanic's last few hours still haunts me to this day.
  18. SirPhillip
    SirPhillip luminimattia
    Hello! Titanic 2 is dead? do you have some information about it?
  19. David DeMarco
    David DeMarco
    I am still watching Titanic...over and over and over again! ;)
  20. Mark Noonan
    Mark Noonan
    Does anyone see my Photo. Because I see it on this end.