We hope you enjoy being a member and a subscriber however there may be times when you might need to cancel a subscription and revert to a free (ad supported) account.

If you wish to cancel your recurring payment you can easily do so in the online account you used to pay for it. e.g. Paypal or Stripe. The subscription will continue as normal until it expires but no further payment will be taken.

You have a 14 day ‘cooling-off’ period during which you have the right to cancel your subscription and receive a refund. We won't charge you any fees for cancelling but we will deduct from the refund any payment provider fees (e.g. any non-returned Paypal fees), deductions for subscription-inclusive digital products you may have downloaded and the value pro-rata of the subscription between the date of purchase and the date of cancellation.

Please do contact us if you need any help.