Rules and Netiquette

Some guidelines for an easier life - in other words... the rules!


The Encyclopedia Titanica message board is part of the Encyclopedia Titanica web site. By these accessing/contributing to pages on this domain you are agreeing to the terms of the Encyclopedia Titanica Terms of Use.

Please read this page very carefully. In addition to the message board rules, it contains helpful hints that will make your message board use more enjoyable. By posting to the message board you are indicating that you have read and have agreed to abide by these rules.

Registration and Real Name Policy

When registering for the message board you need to provide a username, this can be a nickname or it can be your real first and last name. Most users choose the latter, but if you have privacy concerns then a nickname might be more appropriate.

Nicknames must be appropriate and may not be the same as any historical Titanic-related figure.

If you decide to use a nickname you must include your real first and last name in the "real name" field of your profile. This is never shown in public

If you have not provided your real name please go to your profile and amend it.

If you do not wish to give your full name even in a private field you are welcome to continue to follow discussions without registering.

Profile Pictures and Avatars

You are encouraged to upload an avatar and a profile cover image. This can be a picture of you or something else. All uploaded images must be topic-appropriate and static (i.e. not animated).

Joining In

• If you take time to get to know the regulars you'll find it's a very friendly place.

It's seems to be very cliquey?
It can seem cliquey from the outside but that is only because a lot of the members have got to know each other over time. But if you are sensitive to the fact that everyone is different, has different views and background you'll find they it's not a clique after all but simply a group of people who want to talk about things that interest them all.

• There can be a temptation to post a lot at the start. It is much better to bide your time and get a feel for the place. Less is definitely more!

Don't post identical messages under different topics. This is considered abuse and will result in ALL the posts being deleted.

Keep questions or comments specific. There is no point in asking "Please send me anything you can on the Titanic for my school project." You will just be ignored.

Do not post large numbers of questions, readers quickly tire of individuals who only ask questions and never offer anything in return.

• When writing your messages, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. "Flames" (i.e. intentional provocation), insults, profanity, personal attacks or discrimination based on sex, faith, age, ethnicity or other personal, cultural or racial characteristics will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It is fine to disagree strongly with opinions, ideas, and facts, but always with respect for the other person. Great minds do not always think alike.

• If it is a long message we recommend that you prepare your message in a text editor rather than in your browser. This way you can be sure you will not lose the message in the case of a server error.

• It is impossible to convey the same degree of subtlety or nuance in a text message than when speaking face to face. "Emoticons" (also known as "smilies") :-) ;-), and emphasis of different types may help but misunderstandings are common. Be aware that cultural references, sarcasm, irony and wit may not come across as intended. "In-Jokes" are only funny if you are in on them.

Plan your message and read it before posting. Is the spelling right? Does it convey what you mean to say. Take your time! To help you there is a spell checker that you can switch on from your profile.

• Never use ALL CAPS or a VaRiAtIoN. It is hard to read, considered rude and generally very unpopular!

• You may delete or edit your message within 60 minutes of posting. After that it is there to stay.

When starting a new discussion...

• Always choose the right topic for your message. Let the editor know if there is no suitable topic or use "General Titanica".

• Choose a distinctive, appropriate and concise subject. Titles of the form: "Titanic", "About Me", "Please answer my questions" should be avoided at all costs!

Check to make sure that you are not duplicating an existing discussion.

Do not start a new discussion (i.e. go off on a wild tangent) in the middle of an existing thread use the "Start New Thread" link to begin a new discussion.

• In exceptional circumstances it may be appropriate to have an off-topic discussion. The administrator and moderators will decide if off topic discussions can continue on a case-by-case basis.

Image and File Uploading

The ability to upload images and other files is a very popular feature of the board.

You upload to threads, to your own media album or to the media gallery.

You can also upload relevant resources, PDFs etc to the Recources Centre.

Please follow these guidelines.

• In uploading a file to the Encyclopedia Titanica message board you guarantee that one of the following conditions is true:

1 . no copyright exists on the material being uploaded;

2. copyright on the material has expired;

3. explicit approval has been obtained from the copyright owner for upload of the submitted material to the Encyclopedia Titanica message board*;
       — You must also indicate who the owner is and that permission has been obtained or is not needed.

4. the contributor is the owner of copyright on the material being submitted.


5. that the material does not infringe trademarks, licences or copyright owned or controlled by a third party.

Technical Problems

Server Error, Timeout, Connection Failure... If the server reports an error you will usually find that your post has gone up so check before resubmitting. However if you do see an error message please report it to the administrator.

Resolving Disputes

Things can get heated from time to time.   If you are tempted to fire off a response to something that has irritated you, try this: draft your response but don't send it straight away, walk away, or sleep on it. If you still feel the same and you feel your response is justified and is within the rules then you can post it or consider contacting a moderator to mediate.


You may find that legitimate threads that have been posted in the wrong topic will be moved (without warning) by the moderators to a more appropriate place. Take care to start a thread in the appropriate topic (see above). If a thread seems to have gone, use the search engine to find it. Where possible we will insert a redirect.

The board administrator / moderators will not delete posts or threads on demand* but will consider requests to temporarily quarantine threads that have degenerated for some reason. The likelihood is that these will be restored to the board after the dust has settled.

* Members may request the removal of personal information inadvertently added to threads.


The message board is a public forum, Encyclopedia Titanica and its editor do not guarantee privacy or anonymity with regard to anything posted on or via this message board.

The Encyclopedia Titanica message board contains facts, views, opinions and statements of third party individuals and organizations. The editor of Encyclopedia Titanica does not represent or endorse the accuracy, currentness or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information displayed, uploaded or distributed through the Encyclopedia Titanica message board. You acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement or information shall be at your sole risk.

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