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  1. Stanley C Jenkins

    The Odell Family

    I have been talking to a relative of the Odells, who is very interested in her family history. She says that the family were related to the Mays by marriage - hence the presence of Stanley May and Richard May as travelling companions. There could also be a link to the Conynghams (spellings...
  2. J

    Richard Cater Nosworthy

    Hi D Fiocca, We think that Richard may have been our grandfathers counsin. We are currently looking into this. When our grandfather was alive, he used to tell us a story that one of his cousins died on the titanic. We never took this seriously until we started to research our family tree...
  3. J

    Normandie Interiors Today

    I think Richard may have been making a pop-culture reference... "Quel frommage" is a gag line from the 1940s film "Good News." June Allison, at 53, plays a poor but proud college student. Snotty society girl, whilst flaunting her evident superiority in front of the post-menopausal Allison...
  4. Donald J A Smith

    Father Browne phtographs

    Frank Browne himself wondered who the couple in his photograph were and wrote to Mr Richard May regarding them. To paraphrase and edit Mr May's answer, he replied that the lady was a 'MRS N', who left the ship at Queenstown, and the gentleman - whose name he never knew - continued his journey...
  5. Donald J A Smith

    Phantom Survivors

    Lester: Many thanks for that. Fits the classic 'It must be: therefore it is.'! Richard May did seem uncertain of 'Nolan'; and it is the initial letter of a name - otherwise forgotten - that we are often able to call up again when we run through the alphabet. I accept these as their names. Quite...
  6. Donald J A Smith

    Phantom Survivors

    I'm fascinated to know the identity of "Mrs Nolan, I believe" (quoting Richard May in a letter to Father Browne) who, according to Lily Odell, "came ashore with us at Queenstown". Browne was also keen to learn more of her, and of "her gentleman friend" who did not embark and whose name none of...
  7. J

    John Adams (Richard May)

    Has anyone carried out any research on John Adams? Reason I ask is that I'm trying to verify the truth of my late grandmother's story that her sister left the country under an assumed name with her fiancee and was lost on the Titanic. The sister's name was Elsie Rodd, but was known as Elsie May...
  8. L

    Titanic passengers who cancelled voyage

    Hi Arne, In 1st Class, there were Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon travelling as Mr & Mrs Morgan; George Brereton as George Brayton; Harry Homer as Harry Haven; Charles Romaine as Charles Rolmane; George Rosenshine was travelling with Miss Thorne as Mr & Mrs Thorne. I also understand that...
  9. C

    Fr Browne's photo of an elderly couple

    I always thought that picture represented two members of the Oddell party. You know, it could be Richard May (or Stanley. I don't recall the one that had a beard) and Mrs. Oddell.
  10. Dave Gittins

    Father Browne's Ticket

    It's said Browne was Jack Odell's tutor, but I can't see how he could have been. All the evidence in his Titanic album is that he lived in Queenstown and returned there. Hard to tutor a London lad. His ticket was sent to him at his home in the Bishop's Palace in Queenstown by the Queenstown...