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    On this day

    15 April The following people were born WOODY, Mr Oscar Scott - 15th April 1871 COLLEY, Mr Edward Pomeroy - 15th April 1875 VARTANIAN, Mr David - 15th April 1890 NEWBOLD, Mr Hubert Hutchinson - 15th April 1891 BURKE, Mr Jeremiah - 15th April 1893 NĪQŪLA YĀRID, Miss...
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    Special Day For Oscar Scott Woody
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    Titanic and Freemasonry

    You can read the story of the VA dues card recovered from the body of Brother Oscar Scott Woody after the Titanic sank.. Which after nearly 100 years, on November 11, 2006 the water stained dues card finally made its way back to Virginia and is currently on display in the Grand Lodge of Virginia...
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    Who was the boy that was on the ship that had a birthday on April 15th the day the ship went down

    i searched April 15th birthdays on back -to and i found only 4 birthdays. none of these seem to be children. (i do not own this web site or the information on it. but i do recommend it. i copied and pasted the birthdays from it): On April 15 in Titanic history .. 1875 - 1st...
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    Oscar Woody

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this article on while searching for news on my other obsession, Raleigh native Clay Aiken. I did not know there was a Titanic exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences, now I have even more motive to visit Raleigh. It's wonderful that the museum...
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    Titanic Exhibition

    Michael, The exhibit is at the North Carolina Museum of Natural History, at 11 West Jones Street in Raleigh, NC 27601. For Museum info, call either (919)733-7450 or toll-free at 1-877-4NATSCI. Their web url is The museum and ALL permanent exhibits are admission-free...
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    Who employed the postal workers

    In 1912, the shipping lines received revenues from the Sea Post Service. The clerks were employed by the Postal Authorities. The three American clerks, John Starr March, and Oscar Scott Woody were recruited from the Railway Mail Service, and William Logan Gwinn was from the Foreign Mail...
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    Who employed the postal workers

    Can anyone help me? All five postal workers died when the RMS Titanic sank. They were : William Logan Gwinn John Starr March John Richard Jago Smith James Bertram Williamson Oscar Scott Woody I am interested to know who actually employed these men. Was it Royal Mail or White Star...
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    This is incredible! I have always been told that I had a relative on the Titanic, but I wasn't sure if it was true or not. You never can tell what is fact and what is hype when you're talking about Titanic. Having never seen a report of his death or his name on a passanger list, I had stopped...
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    Hoping to find the contributor of info on postal clerk Mr. Oscar Scott Woody. He could be a distant cousin of my wife Elizabeth Woody Bogema. Thank you. Andrew Bogema Brevard, NC USA
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    I enjoy the website! It holds Elizebeth Walton Allen to Oscar Scott Woody! My favorite website. Addison Hart Charelston, South Carolina but now living in De Kalb, Illinois
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    I feel like i am meeting the survivors and victims when I look at a biography. Everyone from Lizz Walton Allen to Oscar Scott Woody. I enjoy this site. Addison Addison Hart Charleston,South Carolina but living now in Illinois