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  1. RedFlame0627

    Watched A Night To Remember for the first time last night. was sinking. I remeber one dream i was leaning over the railing of the ship looking at my wife, who was pregnant. I beleive i was John Jacob Astor IV! Love the movie. I honestly perfer it than Cameron's Movie. I liked how they added the Califonian, which was something Cameron's film didn't...
  2. Poobah_2020

    Unknown first class cabins

    This is interesting.... Helen Bishop said, "John Jacob Astor was standing at the foot of the stairway as I started on deck for the second time. He told us to put on our life belts and we did so. Before our boat was lowered into the water, Mr. and Mrs. Astor were on the deck. She didn’t want to...
  3. Encyclopedia Titanica

    John Jacob Astor’s Fatal Mistake

    John Astor could have been a survivor had he stepped into lifeboat seven when given the opportunity...... Voyage Tue, 13 Apr 2021
  4. T

    Madeleine Astor

    So as a lifelong Titanic fanatic and follower, I saw somewhere a while back that Madeline did have a house in Aiken, SC. I have a 3 state territory selling medical supplies and don't get to Aiken much but was here today as a matter of fact. You can believe this or not but, this is the Gospel...
  5. Ri Bread

    LIVING descendants of JJ & M Astor

    ...people who died that we can choose one from to write about in school), I found out that this great great great great grandfather was John Jacob Astor lV, the richest person on the Titanic! I quickly rushed to my computer and checked out that list of people in my online school assignments, and...
  6. J

    If you could save 150 more people...who would they be?

    ...Hudson Allison and their daughter Loraine, with Sarah Daniels and George Swane, Mr Isidor and Mrs Ida Straus, Mr William T Stead, Mr John Jacob Astor, Mr Clinch Smith, Mr William F Hoyt, Ismay's valet John Fry and secretary William Harrison, Major Archibald Butt, Miss Edith Evans, Mr Jacque...
  7. R

    Tammy Grimes and Debbie Reynolds as Molly Brown a propaganda film made by the Germans in 1943 to show just how greedy and evil those British and Americans were.....Including John Jacob Astor, also featured in the movie. There is also a story that Goebbels cancelled the showing of the movie in Germany for fear it would've been seen in a...
  8. R

    Cameron's stupid film

    I will have to take another look at it to be sure........but.... In the 1953 "Titanic", the actress playing the part of "Madeline Astor" looks as tall - or maybe even a bit taller- than the actor playing the part of "John Jacob Astor"?
  9. R

    Titanic Bloopers

    ...Mc Carthy ventriloquist) wife. Also I don't know if it was the high heels but doesn't she look taller than the actor playing John Jacob Astor ? Frances Bergen was 50 years old in 1953. Madeline Astor was 18 years old in 1912. Kathy Bates was 49 years old in 1997. Margaret Brown was 45...
  10. Rennette Marston

    Inaccuracies in Andrews' testimony

    Thank you very much, Thomas.
  11. Rennette Marston

    Theory Iceberg Collision Video

    Yup. And so is John Jacob Astor and all 'em dead people on the Titanic. It was a hoax. And btw, JFK became Jimmy Carter. :p
  12. Steven Christian

    Accident Investigation in the Wreck of Zingara was covered in the press... "Colonel John Jacob Astor and his fiancee, Miss Madeleine Force, stepped nearer the spotlight today when the wireless on their yacht, the Noma, told of the rescue of five...
  13. K

    LIVING descendants of JJ & M Astor

    Would have been John Jacob VI, but as far as I know the best you might get would be around the time his mother died. I would look around late March to early/mid April 1940. That might have been the best time for him to talk about it since it would have been really relevant and not too out of...
  14. A

    LIVING descendants of JJ & M Astor

    I'm curious about John Jacob Astor V, son of Madeleine and J.J. Astor. Did he ever give an interview with the press where he mentions the Titanic?
  15. N

    LIVING descendants of JJ & M Astor

    I don't know if this would be helpful, but I just found out I am a direct descendant of John Jacob Astor, Sr through my maternal blood line. Nancy Astor (born 1799 Mother's name was Sarah Cox Todd) married Isaac Balding, and they had a daughter named Sarah. Sarah married her 1st cousin once...
  16. B

    Colonel Astor and Major Peuchen —Yachtsmen with Different Fates a division of Random House, Inc.). I had gotten to the point where Davie is giving us some background information on Colonel John Jacob Astor IV, who was the Titanic’s wealthiest passenger. In chapter 3, on page 62, it says “(Astor) was an intrepid yachtsman and once disappeared for...
  17. Steven Christian

    Conspiracy Theories

    I hope the sarcasm runs strong in you...otherwise well....
  18. Harry Forbs Jenkins

    Conspiracy Theories

    I am quite sure John Jacob Astor IV had a similar background in real estate. Just like how he faked his death for insurance money. I think you'll agree.
  19. @

    The Norwegian sailor Albert Moss survived the Titanic tragedy as well as WW1 and WW2.

    ...broadcaster NRK. Among other things, he said he made his way through the bridge after all the boats were gone, and while there he saw Captain Edward J. Smith handing a lifebuoy to John Jacob Astor and the two men shaking hands. He was also adamant that there was no band playing on the open decks.
  20. Thomas Krom

    Inaccuracies in Andrews' testimony below in no particular order. Mistake number 1: Mr. Barnes states in his book that he ate with famous passengers as Colonel John Jacob Astor IV and his wife Madeline, Mrs. Margaret Brown (who he inaccurately calls “Molly”, since we all know that she was nicknamed Molly after her death...