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  1. Cam Houseman

    The Ismay/Pirrie dinner

    I've actually heard that some don't think that dinner happened, interestingly enough. I'm sticking with it however, its referenced everywhere and none have debunked it.
  2. Southampton

    The Ismay/Pirrie dinner

    I don't fully understand your question. Do you mean how/why Lord Pirrie and J. Bruce Ismay got together to begin talks on the Olympic class or are you looking for more information on the meeting itself? From my research, what I've ever come across was the supposed meeting at Lord Pirrie's...
  3. Mike Spooner

    Titanic PASSENGERS who'd already been on the Olympic

    Hi Mark, In Frances Wilson book: How To Survive The TITANIC or The Sinking or J. Bruce Ismay. Page 106/7. Lord Pirrie could not join Ismay on Titanic was recovering from prostate operation. James Ismay too, was ill with pneumonia.
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    On this day

    06 June The following people were born MARSH, Mr Frederick Charles - 6th June 1872 SAUNDERS, Mr William Ernest - 6th June 1879 SHULVER, Mr Christopher Arthur - 6th June 1883 WILLARD, Miss Constance - 6th June 1890 The following people died...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    On this day

    31 May The following people were born PIRRIE, Lord William James - 31st May 1847 THOMAS, Mr Benjamin James - 31st May 1881 ALLARIA, Sig. Battista Antonio - 31st May 1889 The following people died FLETCHER, Mr Robert - 31st May 1916...
  6. Cam Houseman

    114 Years of Titanic

    an interesting thought! these men changed the world, although not in the way they intended
  7. A

    114 Years of Titanic

    Well, here we are folks. Exactly 114 years to the day that Lord Pirrie and Bruce Ismay conceived the idea to build the Titanic and her sisters. It was this day, April 30, in 1907, that an era was born. Let us continue to remember and pray for all those thousands of people associated with her...
  8. Michael H. Standart

    Personnel decisions impelling collision

    The managing director was J. Bruce Ismay and it would have been his call to make as to whether or not the ship sailed. He had no reason to call it off, nobody gave him any, and truth be told, I'm not certain he would have been informed of an annoyance as trivial as a smouldering coal bunker...
  9. M

    Charles Pellegrino website

    Very interesting discussion above - no intention to derail it, but to address Arun's query - authors do not write blurbs or design book covers, especially for big publishing houses such as McGraw-Hill. That minor error is the publisher, not Pellegrino. Additionally, I have known editors who...
  10. Kareen Healey

    Lord Mersey

    Hi to everyone, I'm writing an article about Lord Mersey and I read the article written by Molony which has been published here in 2005 where its said that " Bigham dined the following year with lord Pirrie, at a function hosted by a guild known as the Shipwrights company". That means obviously...
  11. C

    Question Pirrie's role and motivations in the IMMC deal?

    My understanding is it was largely an initiative headed by Pirrie and Ismay and that Morgan, while he owned the company, had little to do with how it was managed or the projects it involved itself with. It's also my recollection (again, could be wrong) that he had little interest in the...
  12. Kate Powell

    Question Pirrie's role and motivations in the IMMC deal?

    A very interesting question. Each of the men would benefit from the deal; J. Bruce Ismay would gain by more passenger fares for White Star Line, Lord Pirrie would see the creation of new jobs and more work for his shipyard. Pretty sure there was a small profit margin for Harland and Wolff above...
  13. C

    Question Pirrie's role and motivations in the IMMC deal?

    Hello, I recently came across some articles claiming Pirrie was the one who headed the deal between the White Star Line and the IMMC. It also suggested it was because Pirrie was skeptical of J. Bruce Ismay's capabilities as Chairman. This would align with a claim (I admittedly can't recall...
  14. G

    Six Seconds to Disaster: The Death of Titanic

    Well I have no idea how to interpret the way the ship was turning prior to contact. But I do find it interesting that you pointed out that the ship in question that could not have helped the Titanic because of its direction or whatever was not the ship that abandoned the Titanic. It has been 108...
  15. C

    Titanic: Blood and Steel

    I never knew why Blood and Steel wasn't aired on TV here in the UK. After watching a few episodes some years ago on youtube, I finally found the Bluray as a German import with English audio from Amazon. I quite enjoyed the series, despite its inaccuracies. Derek Jacobi made a fantastic Lord...
  16. C

    Hello from the Scottish Highlands!

    Hi all, Been browsing this site for a few years now and thought I'd better register. I live in the Scottish Highlands (Loch Ness Monster, Battle of Culloden, Outlander, all that). Married to a Northern Irishman from County Down - like my historical hero, Thomas Andrews. ;-) We spend three...
  17. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lord Pirrie's Will
  18. B

    The Infamous Watertight Door Indicator : Mystery Solved

    I am not one to beat a dead horse, as I have nothing to gain by either convincing people ornot convincing people, rather there was a light indicator on board,but merely out of research and respect, I feel it is meaningful toall to present all data. Since my article was published, I have found...
  19. Thomas Krom

    Inaccuracies in Andrews' testimony

    Hello Jullian, I have to disagree with the statement of you that states that he behaved passive after he estimated that the ship only had "a hour to a hour and a half" to live. The reasons why you can read below with each of your statement analized. I mean this in a friendy way "l he seems to...
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