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  1. Arun Vajpey

    Mrs Thornton Davidson

    Thank you Mr Engberg-Klarstrom and Mr Fitch. Please let me clarify that in my post #4 above I was merely looking for additional information - if available - from you two respected Titanic historians. I assumed that during your exhaustive researches, you might have come across bits of information...
  2. P

    Mrs Thornton Davidson

    Re the 'Daniel letter' - it has been suggested the letter is in fact fake. I have actually only seen a short excerpt of it (as far as I know).
  3. Arun Vajpey

    Mrs Thornton Davidson

    I have read in On A Sea Of Glass that Orian Davidson wrote a private and unpublished letter in which she claimed that Robert Williams Daniel was among the other survivors in Lifeboat #3 in which she was rescued herself. He reportedly helped with the rowing. The book quotes Peter...
  4. dirk danschutter


    Hello, thank you a lot for your reply! I have no proof Father Browne took the picture (yet), I purchased "Titanic Souvenirs" but I don't have it in my possession yet. And yes, the Smithsonian seems to claim this is an authentic Titanic picture... Nevertheless, me too, I tend to believe that the...
  5. A

    Getting drunk before dying

    Patrick Dillon spoke to a reporter in England in 1912. He said the following: "The poop deck was full of Third class male passengers. Those steward chaps and deck hands died game, no mistake, sir. One fellow while we were on the poop deck said, "Go to the First cabin bar room." We did and...
  6. P

    Robert Williams Daniel

    Does anyone know the real story of what happened to first-class passenger Robert Williams Daniel during the sinking? He talked to the press a great deal after the disaster, and he spun a fantastic tale that is, quite frankly, full of holes. I've been working from the New York Times and...
  7. J

    Daniels on Titanic

    Hi everyone! Sorry I've joined this so late. RObert Williams Daniel is perhaps famous Titanically because of his champion French bulldog Gamin de Pycombe and his claim to have opened the kennels. There is a good site (including a picture of RWD and dog)try
  8. J

    Nearer My God To Thee, Autumn, etc

    Hi! I have read that Eva was a lover of French Bulldogs (me too) after meeting Robert Williams Daniel's. Does anyone know if there is any information about this? Cheers J
  9. J

    Jamie Hague

    Hi everyone! I'm Jamie an English boy living in The Netherlands, I'm a Titanic fan particularly interested in Robert Williams Daniel and his French bulldog.
  10. J

    What/whom would you like to see/meet?

    Hi everyone! I would liked to have hung out with Robert Williams Daniel and his French bulldog and of course Molly Brown. I'm sure we would have had a good craic visiting the third class saloon.
  11. J

    Cost of tickets for dogs

    Hi! Does anybody know the cost of tickets for dogs? I am particularly interested in Robert Williams Daniel and his French bulldog
  12. J

    Dogs on the Titanic

    Hi Andrew, Im a new member so this message is six years late! Try Robert Williams Daniel and his champion french bulldog with the same name as my username
  13. J

    Robert Daniel's dog Gamon de Pycombe

    Hi everyone! Does anybody know why Robert Williams Daniel loved Frenchies so much? Was it him who opened the kennels maybe?
  14. J

    Heroes and heroines

    Hi everyone! Dont forget the hero who opened the dog kennels, possibly Robert Williams Daniel? Also Captain Arthur Rostron forever
  15. R

    Sign the guestbook

    Re: Robert Williams Daniel I'm just seeing if this man could be a distant relation of mine. I was born in Llanelli, South Wales in 1959. My mothers side of the family is called Williams, while my family name is Daniel. My first name is also Robert. Is there a connection I wonder?
  16. P

    Sign the guestbook

    Re: Robert Williams Daniel did robert william daniel have any children?
  17. L

    First Class Passengers Cabins

    I know it is unlikely but if anyone has any idea what cabins any of the following first class passengers occupied I would be most grateful: Mr. Ramon ARTAGAVAYTIA Mr. John D. BAUMANN Mr. Jakob BIRNBAUM Mr. George Andrew BRERETON Dr. Arthur Jackson BREWE Mr. Frans Olof CARLSSON Mr...
  18. M

    Titanic chronology

    Day 15, April 15th, 1912–The Last Day of Titanic Monday, April 15th, 1912 was the final day of the Titanic's career and the last day of over one thousand-five hundred people. The horror experienced by the ship's passengers and crew in the opening hours of the 15th can never be fully...
  19. A

    Day 15 April 15th 1912

    Thanks all for your compliments and your criticisms, they are all much appreciated. All corrections have been noted down, I will not make the same mistakes next year (I'll probably be making new ones!). I will come back and post the references later. God bless, Addison ------ Day...
  20. Kate Bortner

    Dogs on Board

    Phillip: Thank you for you info. I would be very interested in reading Marty Crisp's research about the dogs on board & the book on Alice Cleaver. It seems even the most "noted" historians attribute that death to her. Frustrating. Do you know where the dog kennel was located? Which deck...