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  1. Dave Gittins

    New Information on Titanic: What's there left to say?

    Stephen, most of what you mention has already been done. For instance, there is a massive history of Harland and Wolff up to 1986. It's called Shipbuilders to the World and it costs a bomb. There are many statistics of passengers and crew, many of them on this site. There are biographies of...
  2. Mike Spooner

    John George "Jack" Phillips Ancestry

    Hi, I have visited Godalming Museum a few times now. Yes I have met Ann Laver to. What I found was when you meet Ann it's not long before others will get involved offering information to. I purchase a little book with a brief history of the man. Want I found quite amazing is the size of the...
  3. G

    First 40 minutes

    Thomas, you wrote: "Captain couldn't visit marconi room before carpenter report." Yet that is exactly what the evidence says. Bride, the surviving wireless operator, said the Captain popped his head into the wireless room, told the operators he was having an inspection made, and advised them...
  4. Mike Spooner

    Error from the British Commission upon D-Deck ?

    Yes you are right about Lord Mersey as he show no mercy with James Whitaker Wright and handed down a seven year prison sentence. Which resulted him committing suicide in1904. There is also a H&W connection here too! As Lord William Pirrie the company chairman brought the palatial splendid...
  5. K

    Script thrown together in an hour and a half

    So this is an idea I had for a new Titanic movie based in large part on On A Sea of Glass (thus the title). Eventually I plan on fleshing this out through the Carpathia docking at New York on April 18, 1912. It's still very much a work in progress and I am by no means a screenwriter. ON A SEA...
  6. T

    Carpet Manufactuers

    Hello all! I work as the heritage and research assistant in Abbeyleix Heritage House, a small town in the Irish midlands. At the beginning of the 20th century, Abbeyleix was home to a very successful carpet factory. The owner of this factory was a close acquaintance of Lord Pirrie, director of...
  7. M


    Cheers Sam. You nailed the problem. It just goes to show the importance of primary sources and critical analysis. I’m glad you found it interesting, Steven. The figures are distorted somewhat by the losses the company made in 1930-33 when it was not paying a dividend, but had White Star...
  8. Loutino

    Casting the Ultimate Titanic Movie

    Hello! I am curious which people (actors, singers, models, celebrities, even less known people), according to you, would be similar enough (after characterization or not) to play officers, passengers, crew members and other people involved in Titanic (from her construction to inquries)? In other...
  9. A

    Titanic Memorial is Frozen Over

    We've had a big freeze here in Belfast. I went to the Titanic memorial and found it covered in ice. As the sun reached higher the ice began to melt and produced the effect of people crying and tears dripping down the memorial. It was quite an eerie sight. Here are photos I took...
  10. D

    How could more passengers have been saved? [was: Titanica Members' Remarkable Obsession with Trivia]

    A ship that never sails is 100% safe from the perils of the sea. Perhaps Lord Pirrie should have cancelled his 1907 dinner with J. Bruce Ismay. No Olympic reason for this forum. -- David G. Brown.
  11. Harland Duzen

    Olympic Rarely Seen Press Photographs

    Congratulations on finding these new photos! what are the dates of them? Also, is it weird I recognise Lord Pirrie before even reading the blurb below in the last photo?
  12. Encyclopedia Titanica

    News Archived News Stories

    Belfast Newsletter Titanic anniversary highlights priest's heroism Belfast Newsletter Extremely rare Titanic artefacts have been unveiled at Titanic Belfast marking the milestone anniversary, including Harland and Wolff Chairman Lord William Pirrie's 18-carat gold pocket watch, two original...
  13. Encyclopedia Titanica

    News Archived News Stories

    Rare artefacts from Titanic launch are just the ticket for museum The Times (subscription) The watch worn by the Harland and Wolff chairman on the day of the Titanic's Belfast launch has gone on display to mark the 106th anniversary of the event. Lord Pirrie's 18-carat gold pocket watch is being...
  14. Encyclopedia Titanica

    News Archived News Stories

    The Times (subscription) Rare artefacts from Titanic launch are just the ticket for museum The Times (subscription) The watch worn by the Harland and Wolff chairman on the day of the Titanic's Belfast launch has gone on display to mark the 106th anniversary of the event. Lord Pirrie's 18-carat...
  15. Dave Gittins

    110 Years of Titanic

    Great work from Günter, as I'd expect. Personally, I've long thought that the driving force behind the Olympic class was Lord Pirrie. As early as 1902 he was agitating for the Thompson dry dock and thinking of very large ships. Some make it seem that the arrival of Lusitania and Mauretania in...
  16. I

    110 Years of Titanic

    Yes it is not correct and only another myth. You can read more details here: The dinner at Lord Pirrie’s in summer 1907 – just a legend? « Titanicfiles english
  17. I

    110 Years of Titanic

    I am not sure what you mean with "this night". April 30th 1907 was the day yard nos. 400 & 401 were registered in the books of H&W.
  18. A

    110 Years of Titanic

    Well folks, here we are: exactly 110 years to the day that the Titanic was conceived. It was on this night, April 30, 1907 that Bruce Ismay and Lord Pirrie devised the plan to build the Titanic and her two sisters. Let us pray for and remember all those associated with the Titanic on this...
  19. Emilie

    Titanic: Blood and Steel

    Yeah, and they turned Andrews as an arrogant prick. No Carlisle,no Wilding and so one.... So much to dismiss...
  20. A

    Lady Pirrie

    Hi; never done this before, but here goes; my grandmother, Jean Coleman Logan, worked at Harland and Wolff around the time of the Titanic/Britannic launches. As far as we know, she was Lord Pirrie's secretary, and was apparently on the Titanic half an hour before it sailed, with Lord Pirrie and...