1. F

    A British Story about an American girl

    A boy from 1912. A girl from 2012. 100 years between them on the same day. by Catherine Harriott Time Travel Book
  2. inmybookcase

    100th anniversary timeline celebration!

    Hi! I just became a member. I intend to do a lot of browsing through the messages here for the next few days. I'm posting a day-to-day timeline on my blog, which I started doing on March 31st and will continue to post new facts every day until sometime after the sinking on the 15th. I have quite...
  3. S

    Lost family member - possible unknown Titanic passenger?

    I am hoping someone on this site might be able to help me track a lost family member. It is quite possible that she may have been a Titanic victim. My Gran Aunt (Eileen Holt) was 19 years old at the time of the Titanic disaster. She was born in America while her father Arthur Holt was...