1. Adriatic

    Cunard Bon Voyage! Envelope

    I've been to a flea market and going thru some old b/w pics, prescriptions etc., and this envelope of The Cunard Steam-Ship Company caught my attention. The Cunard was founded in 1840 under a different (longer) name and it was The Cunard Steam Ship Company Ltd. from 1879 until 1934. so I...
  2. I

    1920s & 30s Public Rooms

    I noticed that Olympic received a number of changes throughout her career. I'm curious as to what her Tourist-Third class dining room, lounge & smoke room would've looked like and the design for the rooms. Also, curious about the 3rd class' rebuild general room/lounge and smoke room on D Deck...
  3. J

    1930s White Star Line Mugs

    Hello! I am new to this site, and joined because I have a question.... I have a pair of very nice 1930's era white porcelain coffee mugs - the US Navy style heavy solid ones - with red ensign and black scrolled banner with the line's name... I am hoping that someone can guide to a...
  4. P

    The Ismays in the 1930s

    A bit of a favour. My serialised copy of "The Ismay Line" by Oldham is still in packing, so I would be grateful if anyone could answer the following: Was JB Ismay still involved in the shipping industry, in whatever capacity c.1930? Does anyone recall the initials of Ismay's relatives...
  5. J

    PARIS 1930s Norway Photo Series

    A rather romantic series of photos showing the Paris on one of her 1930s "Millionaires' Cruises" anchored off of what reads like "Merok, Norway."
  6. N

    Passenger List 1930s Auction

    Was there an Auction. I have got 1 page of what is said to be an original first class passenger list with the surnames beginning with " A" only . Only about (because this list is packed away ) 10 names are on this list. It looks very old and is a bit on the weathered side and has on the back...
  7. S

    1930s White Star Line Matches

    I'm selling some matches I bought at the Southampton Convention back in April. They are original White Star issue that would have been found on all the White Star ships, including the Olympic, in the early 1930's. item=439374419