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  1. Dylans

    Rothes London Home

    Does anybody know where Lord and Lady Rothes’ London home was? I’ve seen conflicting accounts that they had a townhouse in Chelsea or Kensington that they used during the London Season when they were not at Leslie House in Fife. Does anybody know it’s address and if it is still standing? I...
  2. Duck_Dur

    Height of first class dining saloon in the titanic

    Hello, how high was the first class dining saloon Reguards,
  3. Duck_Dur

    Books on the Titanic

    Hello, I have a few questions regularising the books on the ship What books were on the Titanic Were any saved Are there any in the wreck today What books that would be considered priceless were available on the ship
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    A Titanic Upgrade: Which second class Titanic passengers upgraded to first class

    Annotations on a passenger list hint at possible movement between the classes aboard Titanic... Titanica! Fri, 12 May 2023 https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/a-titanic-upgrade.html
  5. R

    What happened to the intricate iron scrollwork from the 1st class staircases?

    I know there are images of the panels of iron scrollwork on the sea floor, taken in 1985/6, which appear in Ballard's 'Discovery' book. None have ever been seen since though, right? Like the statuette of Diana from the 1st class lounge, they seem to have disappeared completely? What do you...
  6. abraorafa

    Sources about First Class Dining Room Service

    Hello everyone! I advance that I am almost sure which service was used in first class dining room (the service à la russe), through simple deductions that I would like to share with you. However, "almost certainty" is not "certainty" and I want to know if anyone remembers having read something...
  7. Mark VII

    Overview of photos taken by Titanic's passengers

    In another thread the total number of known photos taken of the Titanic was mentioned (363). I wanted to know how many of those photos were taken by passengers aboard Titanic or - before embarking/ after disembarking - the ship. As far as I know only Frank Browne and Kate Odell – both first...
  8. Mark_R

    Chief First Class Steward

    What were the duties of the Chief First Class steward on the Titanic when it was not sinking?
  9. LLWH

    Wireless operators interacting with first class passengers

    Hi! I'm working on a novel, and I was wondering if there was any situation in which the marconi operators, specifically Phillips, would interact with the first class passengers? I know the marconi room was very close to the first class entrance, but I don't know how the hallways were structured...
  10. Werepug

    C-Deck Forward First Class Corridors/Cabins Flooding

    Hello Titanic Community! There is something about C-Deck flooding that I have never quite understood, first I will summarize my question and then I'll explain what I thought about it. Question: - How did the corridors of the forward First Class Cabins in C-Deck flood (I mean those forward of...
  11. Justin Litke

    First Class Dining Saloon stewards

    In Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember", during the collision, four stewards are mentioned as working in the First Class Dining Saloon. "Meanwhile, down below in the First Class dining saloon on D Deck, four other members of the Titanic’s crew were sitting around one of the tables. The last...
  12. Sarah S

    personalities of 1st class passengers

    Hello again, I very often watch the 1997 Titanic movie and there is one particular line that bothers me to no ends. It's the part where older Rose narrates how she despised the people of the first class, that the rich passengers were indulging in mindless and repetitive conversations, everyone...
  13. Pkdillon

    Basic first class cabin carpet style

    So im trying to build a full scale titanic in lego worlds but im stuck on cabins like c-15 or d deck cabins what would the carpet be if anyone can give me an answer or post a color photo that would help thanks
  14. A

    Selling 1912 Liberty Head "V" nickel (US $10, free 1st Class USPS shipping)

    Hello, I'm selling a few Liberty Head "V" nickels minted in 1912. Each of the coins is in good or better condition, with the date and designs clearly visible. Payment via PayPal would be ideal. If you're interested, please Private Message me. Thank you! Angel PS My understanding is that...
  15. Cam Houseman

    Correct dimensions of the Hallway to the First Class Lounge?

    Hello There, I'm wondering whether the iron plan of Olympic shows the correct width of the hallway aft to the First Class Lounge,, or if these are the correct dimensions? thanks!
  16. Jindrich Vacek

    First meal on April 10th

    When was the first meal served for the first class on April 10th?
  17. A

    First Class Bedroom Steward Schedule

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what the shift schedule for a first class bedroom steward might be? I understand they served 3-5 rooms onboard, but were they expected to attend to these rooms constantly? Did one steward cover an assigned section of cabins at day and another take on these duties...
  18. Saberius Prime Gaming

    Where did the First Class Bedroom Stewards Sleep?

    I've been reading "Guide to the Crew of the Titanic" by Guntar Babler, and it doesn't explain where they would sleep while off duty. Scotland Road doesn't make sense for their quarters as they would need to be relatively close to 1st Class. Did they have their own cabins in 1st Class?
  19. Pkdillon

    First class cabins and which are what style

    Does anyone know where I could find a break down of what each cabin style in first class is for my scale titanic build in a video game I'm stuck atm I have ordered a book and recieved it it shows me each style now I'm unsure what cabin is what please help thanks