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  1. Duck_Dur

    Books on the Titanic

    Hello, I have a few questions regularising the books on the ship What books were on the Titanic Were any saved Are there any in the wreck today What books that would be considered priceless were available on the ship
  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    A Titanic Upgrade: Which second class Titanic passengers upgraded to first class

    Annotations on a passenger list hint at possible movement between the classes aboard Titanic... Titanica! Fri, 12 May 2023 https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/a-titanic-upgrade.html
  3. H

    Second Class or Third Alt Cabins on G Deck

    I was just looking on plan of Titanic, and I saw on G Deck, some Alt 2 or 3rd Class Cabins, why did these cabins have letter G and two digit number, unlike Aft and Forward areas which had a dash and 3 digit number, what the difference between these cabins?
  4. K

    Answered Structural modifications - Deck Reinforcement, Adjustable Cabin Walls (1st & 2nd Class)

    As a condition of the subsidy provided by the British Government (2.6 million pounds per ship?) towards the construction of the Olympic Class ships, the upper decks had to be able to support Navy guns, in the event that the ships were called into service. Do we know if the Titanic was...
  5. brionboyles

    Coal bunker in the 1st and 2nd Class Galley

    Recently I posed an answer about "smoke" coming from the fourth funnel, in which I submitted that the funnel served as ventilation for the galley and some engineering spaces. I decided to research possible sources of exhaust steam and "smoke" that might make an appearance, and came upon a...
  6. Arun Vajpey

    Hymn singing in Second class

    (The only other thread about this topic is mixed-up with something else and so I started this separately) Although I felt that Lawrence Beesley's estimate of close to a hundred people attended the post-dinner Hymn singing session officiated by Rev Earnest Carter was probably a slight...
  7. Cam Houseman

    Gates on E-Deck by the First/Second Class Flex cabins

    Hi Y'all, I was wondering what these gates Looked like on E-Deck by the Alternative First/Second Class cabins on E-Deck. They'd be closed if Second Class passengers occupied those flex cabins. But I think they weren't on Titanic's maiden voyage. (using Olympic's August 1912 plans because...
  8. I

    Olympic interior refits

    I know about what was changed and added to the ship but I just want to know something. I’m looking forward for descriptions of the designs of each room (1st, 2nd, Tourist-Third/Tourist & 3rd.) I'm also looking for some pictures of the new interiors. Specifically the interiors of the: 2nd Class...
  9. Cam Houseman

    Second Class Dining Saloon Tile on the Stern

    Hi Y'all! I found a Second Class Dining Saloon Tile, lying on the Second Class Entrance of the Stern. (Located in the NOAA 2003 Footage) Good eye, huh? I'm the First to spot it!! :D
  10. Matthew Chapman

    2nd class Smoke Room cubbies

    Can anyone enlighten me as to these "confession booth" looking additions flanking the central seating booths in the 2nd class smoke room? On the deck plans, they appear to be doors leading into a tiny recess, but I can't find more information on it.
  11. Uomiuo

    Architectural styles of 1st and 2nd class spaces

    Recently, I've become interested in the use of different "styles" to convey different atmospheres within the upper-class spaces of the RMS Titanic. However, it's difficult finding reliable sources on which style each room conveyed. and even more so information on the styles themselves. Are...
  12. Arun Vajpey

    The Second Class 'Library'

    Was the so-called Second Class Library really a circulating library in the conventional sense or simply another term for the main Second Class lounging area?
  13. Arun Vajpey

    Second Class accommodation with en suite?

    Were there any Second Class cabins or suites on the Titanic that had en suite facilities? I was thinking of the Second Class accommodations of the kind that 'Baron' Alfred Nourney originally had before upgrading himself to First Class.
  14. P

    Unanswered Could 2nd class passengers have received gifts in their staterooms when they embarked in Southampton?

    I have heard of first class passengers receiving flowers, but I wondered if second class passengers could have received flowers from loved ones.
  15. Aelvir

    Titanic's 2nd Class Lounge?

    Been looking through the deck plans, but I can't really seem to see the 2nd Class Lounge being listed anywhere on the plans for some reason. Does anybody know what Deck the 2nd Class Lounge is located on?
  16. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lost Ladies : 12 second class women lost on the Titanic

    On the Titanic, there were 95 ladies over the age of 12 travelling second class. 83 of these (87.4%) were saved. How come twelve of the ladies in second class were lost? Titanica! Sat, 06 Jan 2018 Continue reading...
  17. Jason Loch

    Second Class Staircase

    I have some questions about the Majestic's second class staircase: Where was it located? Where did it begin and where did it end? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!
  18. Arun Vajpey

    Any Lebanese passengers in Second Class?

    I am assisting a friend who is attempting to write a story that involves the Titanic disaster in the plot. One of the protagonists is a young Lebanese woman travelling with her infant son and two middle aged aunts in Second Class. They are scheduled to join the former's husband already settled...
  19. K

    WANTED: Replica first and second class china

    Hello, I'm looking for some replica first and second class china. I have some first class dinner plates and a cup and saucer. However, I can't seem to find any replica second class pieces. Does anyone know of any websites where I can purchase some? Thank you all so much and have a wonderful...
  20. Maverick Musser

    Mauretania Second Class interior photos

    Hello, I'm new to the forum website. I was wondering if anybody had rare archival photos of RMS Mauretania's Second Class? If you do please send it or send to me my gmail [email protected]