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  3. Cian O'Reilly

    Titanic's Reciprocating Engines

    Hi All, This is my latest project...I'm working on the Titanic main Engines - these images show the latest progress...
  4. con6r

    Another 3D Lusitania Model

    Hello everyone, I'm a novice at modeling ships in Blender and I was recently inspired by FelisLeopard's excellent Lusitania model to give a crack at it myself. If anyone could send me or point me in the direction of deck plans, framing plans, or high-resolution images of the Lusitania, it would...
  5. FelisLeopard

    3D model of Lusitania

    Hello, guys. I'm making a 3D model of Lusitania and actually i feel like i'm almost done. But there are some places, that i want to cover and i have no info about it. So i have few questions. Also i'd like to receive critics, so i could improve my model. Right now i have no plans for it. I...
  6. Cian O'Reilly

    Titanic Stern Wreck 3D

    Hi All, I've just posted some links to a model I built of the Stern Section of the Titanic wreck on the model forum, so I'd like to add these links here - I used Photogrammetry to scan the Hand Built model into a 3D model and produce these short sequences based on it. Hope you like them...
  7. S

    360 Views of the Olympic class reciprocating room

    Hello, this is my first post here. Thank you for allowing me to participate in your forum. I've spent the last year or so working with the good folks at Titianic-Model.com to create certain technical areas of the Olympic class ships in 3D computer graphics. Certain people were super helpful but...
  8. O

    Titanic Lost in the Darkness

    I and some other Internet users together the team of ORM Entertainmant are working since October on a Titanic game. RMS Titanic - Lost in the Darkness "On 1 September.1985 - The RMS Titanic 73 years remained undiscovered at the bottom of the North Atlantic." On this day was the deep sea...
  9. O

    We are looking urgently for a passenger and model designer

    Hello. I'm new here in this forum First apologies for my English I have the following concerns: A few Internet users and I have been trying almost 2 months Titanic PC Game to create. It should be a writer of the shooter Crysis will be without weapons, it plays it as a normal passenger...