3rd class

  1. Aurélien WOLFF

    Could they have installed the rear gantry davits without raising the 3rd class smoke room and at what point where those gantry planned in the design?

    Hello, I wonder if they had to raise that part of the ship for the davits if they were able to install them on the boat deck "normally" and at what point were they planned,after or before the sinking? I wonder if the britannic was done without the titanic sinking, it'd keep its welin davits...
  2. Sarah S

    How much did Cameron research the 3rd class passengers?

    Hello everyone I’m asking specifically because of a certain scene when Jack and Rose try to find their way to the boat deck. They pass by an apparent muslim family in 3rd class, the woman wearing a muslim veil covering her hair and shouting „yallah yallah“. Now all the research done with...
  3. H

    Was there separate Boat trains for First, Second and Third Class passengers?

    Did the Southampton boat train have one train for the every class, or 2 or 3 separate trains for the classes? Also when did these trains depart Waterloo and arrive at Southampton Docks, and if any Passenger missed their trains, please? Thanks.
  4. H

    What was the Third Class General Room?

    Hello, what the difference between the Third Class smoke room and Third Class General Room? Was one for men and other for women?
  5. Marco C. Ruo

    Third class sanitary conditions

    I recently read that in third class there were only two bathrooms, and that many men urinated in the darkest corners at night, I wonder: How much must there be in these corridors and rooms of poor and not very clean people? It seems strange to me that no one talks about the real conditions and...
  6. Asianyiah Solomon

    Third Class separated families on the same deck

    Hello everyone, I already know about the whole women/family and single men berthing places and how families could be separated, with mother and daughter (s) aft and father and older son (s) forward. What I'm wondering about is if the separated families were cabined on the same deck as much as...
  7. Sarah S

    How long to walk from 3rd class to the boat deck?

    Good morning everyone, I have tried to get into the construction of the titanic but I find it a bit difficult at first. My question is, how long would it take for a person who is in his cabin in 3rd class to walk to the boat deck? We know that many 3rd class passengers couldn’t navigate...
  8. A

    3rd Class Section Letters - (MISSING!?)

    Hi! I just remembered that one time I stayed up analysing the Titanic plans instead of sleeping (we have all been there right ;) and I noticed that there are big bold letters denoting some kind of section. These are of course the watertight sections of cabins, dining saloon and open space of...
  9. legoking5522

    For the unlisted third class passengers

    I just wanted to say that it would mean a great deal to me if we had a list naming all the children that where lost and their age. I think we should keep the memory of those innocent deaths fresh and keep our innocent children safe by using the memories of paste deaths to hold us steady. if you...
  10. William Oakes

    Drinks in Third Class

    If I am correct the Third Class Galley and pantry was directly aft of the 3rd class aft dining room F-deck, and directly forward of the dog kennels, and the third class smoking room was on C-deck Aft under the poop deck. I am curious and would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge about how...
  11. B

    Survival of the Third Class women

    Does anyone have an opinion on the correctness / accuracy of this statement from Gleicher's _Rescue of the Third Class..._ (p. 96): "...the thing that ultimately set apart the Third Class women and children (and the Second Class men) from their counterparts in other classes, especially the...
  12. K

    Seeking help to see if I can find whether a photo of my relative, a 3rd class steward on Titanic, exists

    Hi, I am earnestly seeking a potential photo of my relative who went down with the Titanic. One site I looked on that listed crew showed some crew with photos and some with not - sadly, his name did not have an accompanying photo there. Does anyone have suggestions for where to go looking? Were...
  13. A

    Third-class couples on Titanic

    I have a question. If a third class couple were married, with no children, would they be berthed together or separately? I understand single women had cabins in the stern, while singe men had cabins in the bow. I've also heard that even families traveling with children would be in segregated...
  14. B

    3rd class meal times

    Did each class eat their meals at the same time? I'm interested specifically in 3rd class. I know the meal times for 1st class, but can't find anything on 3rd class and so I wasn't sure if the times were for all classes or just 1st. Any insight is appreciated!
  15. Arun Vajpey

    Lights Out in Third Class

    I know that there is a thread with a similar title but mine here is related the Third Class passenger areas only and on all nights, even though there is onus on that fateful Sunday. At what time did the Third Class stewards start putting lights out in passenger spaces and how widespread were...
  16. I

    Olympic interior refits

    I know about what was changed and added to the ship but I just want to know something. I’m looking forward for descriptions of the designs of each room (1st, 2nd, Tourist-Third/Tourist & 3rd.) I'm also looking for some pictures of the new interiors. Specifically the interiors of the: 2nd Class...
  17. Logan Horning

    A set of 3rd Class Cabins on G-Deck

    Hello, everyone. I was looking at the deckplans on G-Deck, and I saw an area of 3rd class cabins from 251 to 260 isolated from the rest of the ship, hidden right behind the baggage holds. (The specific cabins are within the red outline.) I have two questions about these specific questions. 1...
  18. Cam Houseman

    The Third Class Stairwell, General Room, and Smoke Room, had Green Tiles

    Hi! Recently I have seen that some still think the Third Class (if you do, that's ok!) Stairwell, General Room, and Smoking Room has red tiles. I will show you evidence that she had Green Tiles for each room. Here's a picture from 1992 and 2003 (copyright to RMST Inc, and CBS) Copyright NOAA...
  19. T

    Coffee Mugs in 3rd Class

    Hey Guys, I just joined the forum. Great to see enthusiasts still talking about this great ocean liner! I got an early Christmas present. This morning I opened up an Official Titanic store replica 3rd class coffee mug. Does anyone have a history or resources that could give me some more...
  20. iceberggg

    Carpathia Third Class?

    The Royal Mail Ship Carpathia, along with many others, carried many immigrants in mediocre conditions. However, their struggle has been overlooked for so long. What was third class like on the Carpathia?