3rd class

  1. B

    3rd class meal times

    Did each class eat their meals at the same time? I'm interested specifically in 3rd class. I know the meal times for 1st class, but can't find anything on 3rd class and so I wasn't sure if the times were for all classes or just 1st. Any insight is appreciated!
  2. I

    Olympic interior refits

    I know about what was changed and added to the ship but I just want to know something. I’m looking forward for descriptions of the designs of each room (1st, 2nd, Tourist-Third/Tourist & 3rd.) I'm also looking for some pictures of the new interiors. Specifically the interiors of the: 2nd Class...
  3. iceberggg

    Carpathia Third Class?

    The Royal Mail Ship Carpathia, along with many others, carried many immigrants in mediocre conditions. However, their struggle has been overlooked for so long. What was third class like on the Carpathia?