a night to remember (1958 film)

  1. thekingandthejester

    Happy medium between Kenneth More and Jonny Phillips?

    After doing lots of reading on Lights, and of course obsessively watching both Cameron's Titanic and ANTR, I still have lots of questions about his characterization in media. Who got his characterization right, or at least the most accurate?
  2. Milos Grkovic

    A Night to Remember 3D Model Recreation

    Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. For the past few weeks, I've been making a 3D recreation of the 35 ft long Titanic model by Shawcraft Models Limited. It's also a replacement for my lost model. However, there're some parts still missing that I do plan adding to the model. Such as...
  3. Aurélien WOLFF

    Odd takes on this movie

    While I do like this movie and find it verry good for a 1958 movie (in my opinion, it's much better and much more enjoyable than the 2000 britannic movie), I find it really odd to go so far as to call it the definitive titanic movie. To me, a definitive titanic movie would be one who doesn't...
  4. Andy A Carter

    ANTR review

    Saw this on YT and thought it was interesting. Hope you enjoy, best regards Andy
  5. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic on screen – why A Night to Remember is the definitive film on the ship

    It has been 110 years since the sinking of the Titanic. Over 1,500 [sic] passengers and crew perished in one of the deadliest maritime disasters during peacetime. The story of the ship and its passengers has long since taken on mythic proportions and has been committed to film many times. James...
  6. HankStone

    Bernard Fox in Both 1958 and 1997 Film Versions

    Uniquely, Fox was in both Titanic (1997) and the earlier version of the tragedy, A Night to Remember (1958). In the latter, he actually got to deliver the immortal line, "Iceberg dead ahead, sir!" Anyone know of another?
  7. Milos Grkovic

    A Night to Remember Titanic Model Art Project

    Here, I'll be sharing my drawings of the 35ft long model from one of my favourite Titanic films, "A Night to Remember. In here, my drawings clearly resemble the model my art style really mimics it. I tried to do the same with the real ship, but the windows on A deck were a bit of troublesome for...
  8. L

    Watched A Night To Remember for the first time last night.

    Always been Titanic obsessed, but never gave this film a shot due to not really being into B&W older films, but this one got me. Kept me entertained the entire time, and I just cannot get the image of the old man holding that little boy as they went down with the ship out of my mind. Wow.. For...
  9. a.night.to.remember.png


    The Titanic sinking.
  10. A

    ANTR officers vs Titanic 97 officers

    Came across a scene in ANTR where an officer was putting women in the lifeboats, and it struck me on how he spoke and his mannerism remind me of Edwardian men. Something I see lack with Titanic 97 movie. Officers in 97 movie didn't have that same feeling, even though they were trying to portray...
  11. RileyGardner17

    Music featured in "A Night to Remember"

    Hey all, anyone have any sort of list of titles of the music in the film? Been trying to get one for some time now. Thus far, there's: Off to Philadelphia (3rd Class gathering) The Beautiful Blue Danube (ship's orchestra) Gold & Silver Waltz (ship's orchestra) Nearer My God to Thee, Horbury...
  12. William Oakes

    A Night To Remember

    I watched the 1958 film A Night To Remember again last night. The film stars Kenneth Moore as 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller and in my humble opinion, it is the very best dramatic film made on the subject of the Titanic. I can vividly remember watching this movie with my father back in the...
  13. Dan Kappes

    How come Harold Cottam declined to play himself in this film?

    I read that Harold Cottam was offered a role to play as himself in this film, but he declined the offer and the part went instead to Alec McCowen. Why did Harold Cottam decline? Were the memories of the sinking still painful to him?
  14. Dan Kappes

    Any other notable films that Kenneth Griffith appeared in?

    Kenneth Griffith did a really good job portraying Jack Phillips in this film. Are there any other films that he starred in where his performance is as superb as this one?
  15. B


    Swann Auction Galleries of New York has a poster for A Night To Remember for sale on 7 August, 2019: Full Details for Lot 137 It's a bit too sensational for my taste, but the estimate of US$700.00 to 1000.00 is definitely in the affordable range for a lot of people. Any takers?
  16. Dan Kappes

    Final scene similar to opening sequence of Hitchcock's Lifeboat

    In the final scene of this film, a tracking shot passes over a long trail of debris in the water from the Titanic. It seems to me that this was inspired by a similar sequence at the beginning of Alfred Hitchcock's 1944 film Lifeboat in which a very long tracking shot is used to show various...
  17. Seumas

    Survivors Who Visited the Set of ANTR

    Lately I was wondering, which Titanic survivors do we know for certain actually visited the set of A Night To Remember at Pinewood Studios ? The only ones I know who did were Edith Russell, Lawrence Beesley & Joseph Boxhall each of whom made at least one visit to the set. Can you name any...
  18. Dan Kappes

    ANTR on TV or streaming services?

    The 1997 film does air often on TV and is available on several streaming online services like Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, and Amazon, but does anyone know if this film is? This film should be viewed by a great many more people in my opinion; it's still superior to the 1997 film.
  19. Dan Kappes

    Conversation between Cottam and the Carpathia officer

    When the Carpathia is first seen in the film, her wireless operator Harold Cottam is seen talking to an officer on the bridge in which they say this dialogue, which I've transcribed from the Blu-Ray's subtitles: The scene can be viewed at the beginning of this video; it takes place shortly...
  20. Dan Kappes

    Box Office Gross

    What was this film's budget and its total box office gross? Was it a box office success in Britain and the United States? And how much was its gross compared to the 1953 and 1997 Titanic films?