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    Answered Did Captain Smith have any accidents before the Titanic?

    Are there any reports of other accidents or incidents concerning Captain Smith before he commanded the Titanic?
  2. Yourj Benig

    Someone fell on the First Class Grand Staircase

    Does anyone heard about a woman who fell on the Grand Staircase in the Afternoon of the 14 of April 1912............ I think she was Ms. Irene Harris........ the wife of Mr. Henry Harris, which she broke her arm....... Is that true???:eek:
  3. I

    Survivors' untimely deaths

    Morning everyone, This subject has more than likely been brought up in another thread so I apologise beforehand if I'm going over old ground. I recently read a book about a British passenger ship which was torpedoed during WW2 and the survivors were eventually rescued from their lifeboats...
  4. J

    Did Capt. Smith have any other incidents?

    in Leo Mariotts book Titanic i have found that asides from the Olympic incident he was also involved with the Republic (1) running aground at New York plus 3 crew were killed in a boiler accident on the same 1890 he ran a ship aground of Rio De 1901 aboard the Majestic and 1906...
  5. Pedro Soares

    23 years later the tragedy almost happens again by Pedro Soares

    Everybody knows the Titan, the famous ship from Morgan Robertson`s novel, everybody knows the "horror" tale by W. T. Stead... And everybody knows the tragedy that happened on 14-15 April 1912. Just a coincidence? Nobody can tell. These two stories weren`t a warning to captain Smith, but the...