1. Nehemiah Ula

    The actors who looked like their real life counterparts

    Basically I wanted to see some examples of actors who look similar to their real life counterpart, for example, an uncredited actor plays Dr McGee of the Carpathia in Titanic miniseries (1996) looks very similar to the real life McGee!
  2. Matthew Chapman

    Titanic cameos

    I wish this site has a section for a repository of background cameos, characters that Cameron had snuck into scenes, without overtly indicating it to be anyone, however, may bear a consideration to a certain real life counterpart. Anyway, I cannot find such topic in the archives. Perhaps this...
  3. Kareen Healey

    Hollywood actor : ancestor in Titanic's Third Class

    Hello everyone, I read somewhere that there is an Hollywood actor who's ancestors came in United States with Titanic. I have in mind Dylan McDermott (and there was someone whose name is actually McDermott) but maybe it is not him because I don't find it anymore in the web. I've read it in IMDB...
  4. M

    The most accurate portrayal of Mr Andrews in the movies?

    Hi all. There has been a lot of Titanic movies, which included Thomas Andrews, or, should I say in a polite way, Mr Andrews. There were some as well,where Andrews was omitted, but that is not the subject of this poll. Which movie offered in your opinion the most accurate portrayal of...
  5. Arun Vajpey

    Actors appearing in more than one Titanic film

    I know only of David Warner who appeared in SOS Titanic as Lawrence Beesley and as the fictitious Spicer Lovejoy in Cameron's Titanic. Is there any other instance of an actor or actress appearing in more than one titanic film, even in minor roles?
  6. M

    Raise the Titanic characters

    I was on a site a couple of days ago and it said that in RTT M. Emmet Walsh (Master Chief Vinnie Walker) was Giordino. I heard he was suppose to be him but I haven't heard that he actually played him. "I believe you may get your headline, Mr. Ismay."
  7. R

    Bernard Fox - Frederick Fleet

    This may be covered in another thread.: Bernard Fox played the part of Frederick Fleet in ANTR, but I haven't been able to find his name listed in the cast list at the start of the movie. Was he listed under another name or was it that his part just didn't rate a listing ?
  8. G

    Titanic Game Actors

    Hi The thread for the Titanic:Adventure out of time is closed but i would really like some info if possible. Someone said on one part of the thread that they saw pictures of the actual people who was computerised to play the characters in the game, it would be really great to see a photo of...
  9. D

    Titanic actors post projects

    While reading news items on an online site, I noticed that Danny Nucci (I've got the right guy right?) will be starring in a new fall show...if anyone is interested...personally, it doesn't look like my type of show and I don't even watch a lot of TV...but thought some of you would be interested.