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    Ada West

    Hello everyone, as i live in Cornwall, i am interested in the cornish passengers. according to Craig Stringers CD, Ada and her two little girls lived at 2 lemon street Truro, i was in Truro today and took some notes and pictures. (i also visited the old home of joseph fillbrook) anyway, i have...
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    Children of Maria Backstrom and Ada West

    Ada West and Maria Backstrom were pregnant on the titanic, does anybody know when the babies were born and what became of them? Regards, Andrew
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    West Family & the Unknown Son

    Hi, I am looking for information regarding the Edwy Arthur West family that was on board. I have read the biographies on this site and they have been very helpful, but I have a few more questions that maybe someone can help me out with: 1) From what I gather, Ada West was pregnant while on...