1. Arun Vajpey

    Getting drunk before dying

    OK. This calls for pure conjecture but deals with human logic. There must have been several people on board who by around 2 pm knew for sure that the Titanic was going to sink and they would not find a place on any lifeboat. I wonder how many of them would have sought solace in getting as...
  2. E

    Here's Trivia For You...

    Did 3rd Class have a bar serving alcohol? I'm trying to determine if the “shot glasses”￾ w/the red White Star logo being sold by Titanic Inc. are authentic reproductions.
  3. S

    Booze in the lifeboats

    Was rum or whiskey part of the mandated provisions for each lifeboat? Seems like a good way to keep out the cold since these were open boats, also calm everyone's nerves, etc. Probably some of the passengers & officers had personal flasks and such anyway.
  4. M


    At the Cafe Parisienne and Palm Court (Verandah) cafes, did they serve wine or other alcoholic drinks? I have found all sorts of alcohol listed on the published cargo manifests, and I assume various drinks (Brandy, et al) were served with dinner and after for 1st class, but could someone just...
  5. T

    Charles Joughin Hypothermia Survival

    Greetings from San Francisco, I am a critical care physician with research interests in immersion hypothermia. I have long been impressed by the remarkable story of Charles Joughin, Titanic's chief baker. Reportedly, he survived over 3 hours in the sub-zero water. Some accounts have...