alfred nichols

  1. William Oakes

    The Six Mystery Crewman

    2nd Officer Charles Lightoller sent six AB Seamen below to open the port side gangway door so that more passengers could be loaded from there into the already launched lifeboats that had more room in them. Does anyone know the names of those six seamen, and are there any solid theories as to...
  2. Arun Vajpey

    Nichols' six: WHO were they?

    In discussing the opened (or not) gangway door and the fate of Alfred "Big Neck" Nichols, the legend is that around 01:05 hours on Monday 15th April 1912 Lightoller ordered the Boatswain to take 6 men and open a certain gangway door so that more lifeboat loading could take place from there. Most...
  3. P

    What happened to Boatswain Nichols

    This is a bit convoluted, but please bear with me: I have been doing a bit of work on the flooding rates up to, and including E deck. I see from stewardess Robinson's BoT testimony that, about half an hour after the collision, the water was close to the top of the stairs (point B on the...
  4. N

    Alfred Nichols

    Does anyone have any next-of-kin information about Alfred Nichols?