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    Mrs Allison with Loraine and Trevor
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    Helen Loraine Allison/Kramer - Survivor TITANIC Mystery

    I am the granddaughter of Helen Lorraine Kramer who was told that she was actually Helen Lorraine Allison and who was listed as a victim of the Titanic disaster. She was the Daughter of Hudson J. & Bess Allison, first class passengers and who are known to have both perished with the sinking...
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    An interesting letter from Alice Cleaver

    I found a letter that Alice Cleaver wrote to Walter Lord: "I was acting as a nurse to the two children of Mr and Mrs Allison. Having taken the position two weeks before we sailed as their own nurse decided not to go at the last moment - Lorraine was 3 years old at the time and Trevor 10...
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    Mrs Allison searching for her son or refused to leave her husband

    i have been doing some research on this and would like some opinions/help or any kind of co operation even if its to tell me my research has been a big waste of time lol. I have been searching for anything which says that Bess Allison was searching for Trevor. i have been told that Alice...
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    Mrs Allison and Sarah Daniels

    Someone else has probably already posted something like this, but were Mrs. Allison (nee Daniels) and her maid Sarah Daniels related at all?
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    Sarah Daniels

    does any one know what became of sarah daniels after the disaster, like if she married and had children and when she died? thanks
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    Why did Mrs Allison panic?

    hi why did mrs allison panic when told the ship woul -ld sink??anybody no?? leonard