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  1. PRR5406

    Andrea Doria

    I have studied the "Andrea Doria" sinking all my considerable lifetime. I heard it sinking live on the radio as a boy. My question is, suppose the "Andrea Doria" sank in modern times, perhaps 2018. Would salvage of the hull be attempted? Would the wreck be removed in slices or left on the...
  2. Michael McGuffin

    Andrea Doria salvaged china for sale

    Hello everyone, I have for sale 5 salvaged Andrea Doria artifacts. One being a silver pot and the rest is china. Including a plate, a cup, saucer, and a bouillon cup. These were purchased from a diver who dove the Doria and sold me some of his collection. If interested please feel free to...
  3. A

    What other seafaring and maritime disasters interest you?

    Hi all, The topic for this month: What other examples of seafaring and maritime disasters are of the most interest to you? Are there other ships that have been lost, be they in war or peacetime, which you feel are deserving of more attention? Do you feel, perhaps, that these have been...
  4. M

    Andrea Doria's bell recovered
  5. T

    The Chrysler Noreseman concept car that went down with the Andrea Doria There is a nice article in H

    In case anyone is interested, there is an interesting article about the Chrysler Norseman (that went down with the Andrea Doria) in the Aug 2009 issue of 'Hemmings Classic Car' . There are some photos of the car taken before she was crated up for shipment
  6. Mike Poirier

    Andrea Doria survivor on youtube
  7. J

    Trapped Alive Aboard the Andrea Doria

    One story which has appeared in several books, tangentally, is the story of the three women: Christina Corvino, of Mt Vernon New York; her sister in law, Margaret Carola, and Amelia Iazetta of Brooklyn, in cabin A-230. The story, until now, has never had a diagram. Immediately after the...
  8. Mike Poirier

    Andrea Doria book signed by survivor

    I am selling on Ebay a personally inscribed copy of Alive on the Andrea Doria by Pierette Simpson. The author will send the personally inscribed book to the high bidder when transaction is complete. The auction number is 320166875511
  9. T

    How many diving fatalities have there been on dives to the Andrea Doria

    I have a hunch the fact so many divers have died trying to reach the Andrea Doria wreck is one reason so many divers are drawn to it- Its one of the most dangerous-and challenging wreck dives on earth- Does anyone know how many lives have been lost divng on the wreck? Has it surpassed the...
  10. I

    Stockholm still sailing now MV Athena

    Well, the Stockholm is still carrying passengers. After many refits and numerous identities, she has become the MV Athena, of Lisbon-based Classic International Cruises. The specification of the ship, with detailed information on it's accommodations and type of passengers it carries...
  11. J

    The Mysterious Tunnel at Point Where Stockholm Struck

    There seems to have been alot of debate about this tunnel by experts on the matter, whether or not it was sealed w/ a watertight door, and whether or not it was the main source of flooding. i simply thought I would establish this thread so anyone interested can express their thoughts and...
  12. J

    Stockholm in Fog

    there have been numerous arguments about whether or not stockholm was in fog in the moments leading up to the collision w/ the Andrea Doria. some claim the ship was in fog simply because the looks out on stockholm could only see a mile or a head of themselves, when normal range was 15 - 20...