andrea doria

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    Andrea Doria

    I have studied the "Andrea Doria" sinking all my considerable lifetime. I heard it sinking live on the radio as a boy. My question is, suppose the "Andrea Doria" sank in modern times, perhaps 2018. Would salvage of the hull be attempted? Would the wreck be removed in slices or left on the...
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    What other seafaring and maritime disasters interest you?

    Hi all, The topic for this month: What other examples of seafaring and maritime disasters are of the most interest to you? Are there other ships that have been lost, be they in war or peacetime, which you feel are deserving of more attention? Do you feel, perhaps, that these have been...
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    Trapped Alive Aboard the Andrea Doria

    One story which has appeared in several books, tangentally, is the story of the three women: Christina Corvino, of Mt Vernon New York; her sister in law, Margaret Carola, and Amelia Iazetta of Brooklyn, in cabin A-230. The story, until now, has never had a diagram. Immediately after the...