1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lifeboats, Launch Times, List and Trim Parts 1 & 2

    A detailed exploration of the available evidence for the sequence and launch times of the Titanic Lifeboats.... Titanica! Fri, 19 Mar 2023
  2. A


    Hello, guys Some testimonies, such as the one given by Caroline Bonnel, suggested that the ship was quite hog-backed at a relatively shallow angle. We all know that the whole ship had a list to port of at least 10 degrees when the bridge went under. When the top deck of a ship starts to get...
  3. Dan Kappes

    Stern angle

    In some illustrations of the sinking, the Lusitania's stern is seen to be very high in the air, like the Titanic's in some illustrations of her. Two examples below. The first one is a painting by Alton Tobey from Volume 7 of The Golden Book History of the United States. Yet Ken Marschall's...
  4. LukeW17

    The propellers being exposed

    Hi all When were the propellers exactly exposed from the water as the stern was pulled up? Was it late or early on in the sinking? Many CGI videos and Cameron’s movie itself show them rising minutes before the final plunge and break up? But would they become atleast partly visible earlier due...
  5. LukeW17

    Sinking angle/funnels falling

    Hi everyone new here but been interested in Titanic for a long time. I have been doing a lot of research lately into the ship and the sinking but there is always contradicting facts that always seem to crop up and I’d like good confirmation about them, if possible. Firstly, were all four...
  6. sir john adams

    Bodily or steep?

    My question is . If the ship sank more Bodily Or Steeply And how would each version of this effect the ship . flooding .the evacuation .and how it would look to survivors in the waters
  7. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Why A Low Angle Break?
  8. L

    Angle of Sinking

    In the James Cameron film, the longitudinal axis of the Titanic appears to be at a 90. degree angle to the ocean surface. No doubt that James Cameron is taking artistic licence to make his film more dramatic. As I recall, the eyewitness accounts of the lifeboat survivors state that the...
  9. J

    Why A Low Angle Break by Sam Halpern

    I like this article as it has some of the points I made in the pre-alpha version of mine, I’m still making my new one as of now. This popped up as I was remaking it, and I really like the extra details with the plank. Just one note, everybody says 10-15 degrees while the chart right there...
  10. T

    More on the angle of breakup question

    I'm sure Edward Wilding knew off the top of his head what stresses the boiler mounts were engineered for. But all of his concerns would have been with a dry structure, i.e., loading under normal operating conditions. But when Titanic trimmed down by the head and subsequently went to the...
  11. S

    Titanic's sinking angle

    Does anywhere research what angle the deck would have been at throughout the evening and how it increased (using the water as the horizontal and viewing from the port side) I looking for what it would have been at around 2am.
  12. M

    Angle of forecastle to rest of wreck

    Could anyone tell me if there is a definite known answer to the question of how far the forecastle section of the bow is bent down out of line? Various books tell me various angles, anything from 12 to 30 degrees of bend! Anyone know a bit more for sure?