1. L

    How many pets were on the titanic and how many were saved?

    I'm not sure how to post things so I might have put the question in the wrong place, sorry.
  2. Curiosite

    Answered Titanic had a ship cat, is what I read. Is this true?

    Somewhere I read that Titanic had a ship cat, who had just given birth to kittens, and was being taken care of by a nice man, charged with caring for her and the little ones. I believe I came upon this information by googling "ship cats". The cat with her kittens went down with the ship. Is...
  3. dirk danschutter


    by the way, now that we are talking about the animals on the titanic, is anyone of you recognising this part of the Titanic? Deck? I don't recall to have ever seen large cargo winches at the cabin sites of the Titanic?
  4. T

    How many dogs?

    12, 10, 9, 5, how much? It's either 12 or 10...
  5. S

    Photo of dog in a Titanic lifeboat

    I can't believe what I appear to be seeing... Once again, in the same week as the wreck of a German U-boat being found at Titanic's last anchorage, I have to stress that I am not joking about this... I have a first generation picture of a Titanic lifeboat arriving at Carpathia, from an...
  6. J

    Cost of tickets for dogs

    Hi! Does anybody know the cost of tickets for dogs? I am particularly interested in Robert Williams Daniel and his French bulldog
  7. J

    Dog Breeds on the Titanic

    I thought I remembered reading somewhere a few years ago that there was a Chow Chow aboard the Titanic. Is this true? If so, to whom did it belong?
  8. W

    Boxhall's dogs

    I think I read somewhere that he had a few dogs. If that's true does anyone know what kind they were and what their names were?
  9. B

    How Many Dogs Survived?

    I've ploughed through this web site. Maybe I have missed the answer to my question. Did any pets, especially dogs or cats, survive the sinking?
  10. L

    Cats on the Titanic

    Well I am a cat lover and with the mention of dogs on board.Were there any of my fave companion ?
  11. A

    Helen Bishop's dog

    Hi guys! Since you all give great suggestions and input whenever I come here to ask a question, maybe you could help me out with this- Helen Bishop brought a small dog named Freu Freu aboard Titanic, but she left in on board during the sinking. Does anyone have any input on what type of dog it...
  12. Shelley Dziedzic

    Our Titanic Pets

    A while back we had a thread on animals aboard Titanic from the canary to the Gamin de Pycombe dog. I seem to remember Eva Hart telling me about a French bulldog she petted, and of course who has not heard of Kitty Astor the Airdale and the Myth of Rigel the Newfoundland-which I would like to...
  13. B

    Britannic Dog Kennel

    I don't know if any of you have any knowledge or evidence on this subject but if not maybe you have an opinion. On the port side of the raised roof over the first class Smokeroom on Britannic the general arrangement plan for RMS Britannic indicates a dog kennel. Do any of you know if this...
  14. M

    White Star A Dog on the Titanic by Marty Crisp

    Crisp, Marty. White Star. A Dog on the Titanic. 1st printing. New York: Holiday House. April, 2004. hardcover. children’s book (ages 8-12). isbn: 0823415988. scarcity: fairly common. White Star is a children’s book that tells the story of a fictional Irish Setter who joins the dozen or so...
  15. K

    In the doghouse

    From the Astor's Airedale, Kitty to Robert W. Daniel's french bulldog, Gamon de Pycombe. From Sun Yat Sen to Frou Frou. From what I've read, heard, and seen there were several other passengers that brought their pets on board (and most, who lost them when the Titanic sank). Only two...
  16. S

    First Class Dogs On Poop Deck

    Hello, Happy new year everyone! I was wondering about the dogs going bathroom on the Poop Deck. Im thinking that would be kind of uncomfortable going bathroom on wood. Also would they get a shovel and take the waste off the side of the ship? Also, is that why its called the Poop Deck? lol well...
  17. D

    Pavlovs Dog Affect

    This may be a little off kilter but here goes! Are there any simple, everyday things that you do in life that always take you back to Titanic? The bell rings and you begin to salivate. I am asking this for one reason. In my house, my wife and two daughters do not know how to fill an ice cube...
  18. M

    Dog Show on Monday

    I recall reading in Titanic: An Illustrated History" that an unofficial dog show was being organized in the first class for Monday the 15th. Does anyone know where the author discovered this? I have never read it outside of this book. IF a dog show was indeed going to take place, where would...
  19. A

    Dogs & kennels

    just a curious question, but does anyone know #1, where were they pets kept on board? If in the hold when walked were they walked up all the flights of stairs to an ioen deck & then to the fintail to "go" also did the real Titanic, have "'electric lift", (elevators) or was that...
  20. A

    Dogs on the Titanic

    Hi, I was wondering, is there any existing pictures of the passengers dogs or mabee the French Hens and rooster. I've seen pictures of the Astors Dog Kitty and Henry Harpers pekignese Sun Yat Sen. But none of the other dogs. Thanks, Andrew