1. Logan Horning

    Titanic appearance in animated series - Interesting Fact Time

    I saw this series on YouTube called "Interesting Fact Time". In Episode 6, the show's protagonist, Tim, and a guest character, Harry, who has long hair, go on a duel in the North Atlantic to become millionaires. Harry wins the duel by using raising the Titanic by pulling it upwards with his...
  2. Titanic Animations

    Recreating Roy Mengot's Breakup Theory with CGI

    I attempted to recreate Roy Mengot's Breakup Theory with Blender and models provided by fellow user ItsStillThinking. It's not as polished as I'd hoped it to be but I had to pull out just about every trick in the book that I know of to get this to animate and render properly. There are links...
  3. Itsstillthinking

    3D Animation "Titanic: The Ship of Dreams"

    Looks like no one has talked about this so i thought id mention it. Found this really quite stunning animation of the ship in the evening. I must say this is quite accurate both in detail and well in almost everything else! While the H&G equivalent of this will probably not look quite as nice in...
  4. Itsstillthinking

    Real-Time Demos

    Weird topic but as some of you know as i transitioned to UE4 For making my animations, this gave me the ability to run around and experience these animations as well. It should be stated right at the beginning that any of these Demos that are released in the future are not meant to steal any...
  5. sapphireaudiouk

    "Unsinkable" - animated video by Andreea Filip & Tony Brown

    This video animation was commissioned by Tony Brown, for Sapphire Music (UK), and made by Andreea Filip whilst studying Animation & Motion Graphics at Christchurch University, Canterbury, Kent. Tony conceived the animation idea which was then produced by Andreea and Tony. The song is written by...