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    The Evening World, New York, 19 August 1915 Original article digitized by the New York Public Library Retrieved from the Library of Congress' Chronicling America web site, Chronicling America « Library of Congress SUBMARINE SINKS ARABIC; 48 MISSING, 375 SAVED --- LINER GOES DOWN IN 11 MINUTES...
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    News from 1902 Launch of Arabic II

    The Times, 20 December 1902 LAUNCH OF A WHITE STAR LINER---The White Star liner Arabic was launched from Messrs. Harland and Wolff's yard at Belfast on Thursday. She is similar in type to the Cedric, launched by the same builders last August, but is smaller. Her principal measurements...
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    News from 1930 Cats Stow Away on Arabic III

    The New York Times, 30 March 1930 STOWAWAY CATS SAIL TO EUROPE ON ARABIC --- Feline Pirates Grab Watchman's Herring, Raid Crew's Galley---Face British Quarantine --- Before the White Star liner Arabic sailed yesterday for Liverpool, the crew made futile search above and below decks...
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    News from 1903: Maiden Voyage of Arabic II

    MAB Note: Arabic II left Liverpool on her maiden voyage on 26 June 1903 and arrived in New York on 5 July. This article appeared the next day The New York Times, 6 July 1903 NEW WHITE STAR LINER --- Latest Addition to Transatlantic Fleet Arrives on Maiden Trip --- The White Star...
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    RMS Arabic wreck exploration and salvage

    Hey guys, I was just on Ebay and came across a china sugar bowl from the wreck of the RMS Arabic recovered during diving operations to the wreck in June 1996. I wasn't aware that the Arabic had been found until now. The Ebay item can be seen at: rms arabic | eBay Can anyone tell me what the...
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    Arabic Storm Photos

    Here is the first of a series of 'morning after' photos showing damage done to White Star's Arabic after she encounted a severe storm off Cape Hatteras.
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    RMS Arabic's officers

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me find out the names of the Officers who were on the RMS Arabic II when she was torpedoed on the 19th of August, 1915. Does anyone has these names or knows how I can get them/a crewlist? Any help is appreciated! Regards, Remco
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    News from 1881 Maiden Voyage of Arabic I

    On 20 Sep On 20 September 1881, Arabic I completed her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York. This story appeared the next day. The New York Times, 21 September 1881 TWO NEW STEAM-SHIPS --- Two new European steam-ships---the Arabic of the White Star Line, and the Chí¢teau...
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    News from 1921 First White Star Voyage of Arabic III

    On 16 September 1921, Arabic III made her first White Star arrival in New York, a port she had visited regularly in her previous incarnation as NDL's Berlin. This article appeared the following day. The New York Times, 17 September 1921 FORMER LLOYD LINER HERE --- Arabic, White Star...
  10. Mike Poirier

    Arabic salvage

    I understand they videotaped the salvaging of the Arabic which sank in 1915. Has anyone seen it? I heard they found the consignment of diamonds that were on board.
  11. Mike Poirier


    Have the people who have been salvaging the wreck of the Arabic discovered why she went down in 9 minutes? And has anything of interest been retrieved? ( ship's safe, luggage, mail? )