architecture (naval)

  1. Uomiuo

    Architectural styles of 1st and 2nd class spaces

    Recently, I've become interested in the use of different "styles" to convey different atmospheres within the upper-class spaces of the RMS Titanic. However, it's difficult finding reliable sources on which style each room conveyed. and even more so information on the styles themselves. Are...
  2. Lucas Szydlowski

    Titanic Hull Lines Plan

    Are there any links where I could purchase the hull lines plan for Titanic? I already have interior deck plans, but I want to map out the exact curvatures for the purpose of digitally modeling Titanic. Any suggestions would be helpful!
  3. T

    Propeller Shaft Tunnel Architecture

    I'm quite ignorant of ship construction so this may be a silly question. I'm trying to understand the architecture of the propeller shaft tunnel. I'm looking at a tank top deck plan, from WTB "N" and aft. Starting at WTB N, this deck plan starts showing regularly spaced vertical line segments...
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The Art and Architecture of the Nieuw Amsterdam

    Another lavishly illustrated article by Jim Kalafus has now been posted on Gare Maritime. Touring the Ship of Tomorrow features a prewar section, a postwar section, a short article about the Statendam and three galleries of photographs as well as a short film.
  5. J

    Naval Architecture

    I know this is kind of a random question, but does anyone know what schools offer degrees in naval architecture and marine engineering? I've heard the Universities of Hawaii and New Hampshire do, but I'm not entirely sure. I know, this is kind of random. But I'm young, and would like to...
  6. H

    Titanic's Architecture

    I'm a student who was assigned a project with Titanic's architectural design as my topic. However, I must have 3 questons that relate to my topic that must have alot of information.I have thought up of one: how did the design of the Titanic affect the sinking? if anyone has a website or a usful...
  7. D

    Naval Architecture

    Hello, Seeing the number of seamen and yardworkers on this board, I thought you guys might be able to help me. I want to study to become a naval architect but have no clue where to go. I've heard of a few good institutes in the New York area, but I thought that there wasn't really a demand for...