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  1. B

    Colonel Astor and Major Peuchen —Yachtsmen with Different Fates

    I was reading Michael Davie’s book “Titanic: The Death and Life of a Legend” (1986; revised 2012 edition, updated by Dave Gittins, published by Vintage Books, which is a division of Random House, Inc.). I had gotten to the point where Davie is giving us some background information on Colonel...
  2. Arun Vajpey

    Cabin C-104 (Peuchen)

    What part of C-deck was Major Godfrey Peuchen's cabin - C-104 - actually located? More specifically, can someone compute around approximately what time that cabin became inaccessible as the Titanic continued sinking?
  3. Arun Vajpey

    Peuchen's bonds and other forgotten fortunes

    I have read on several reliable accounts (including ET) that many First Class passengers left behind money, bonds and valuables that they could have taken with them on lifeboats without too much difficulty. Of course, some of them survived while others didn't, but at the time of leaving their...
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Major Peuchen

    Major Peuchen's Predicament
  5. J

    Lt Colonel Peuchen's Service in the Great War

    Could anyone fill me in on Lt Colonel Peuchen`s war service ? Out of interest was near the front lines at Flanders,the Somme, and the Canadian`s glorious victory at Vimy Ridge.
  6. John Clifford

    Arthur Peuchen in Alberta

    Arthur Peuchen owned property in Alberta, both near Calgary, and in Hinton. Question: did Arthur Peuchen reside at a former site of Standard Chemical Company (1897-1914), near Hinton? Or was it a former location for the Queen's Own Rifles? I will be in Calgary and Edmonton next May, and...
  7. P

    Peuchen is this true

    From Charles Pellegrino's website: In his 1962 account, R.N.Williams described a man who threw his wallet overboard, after the first lifeboats were launched but before the water reached C deck. Though Williams did not identify the wallet-thrower, his tale appears to cross over to Walter...
  8. P

    Peuchen and Saalfeld's cabins in the wreck

    This might be a question for Ken Marshall.... Did the Cameron 2001 expedition visit Peuchen's (C104) or Adolphe Saalfeld's (C106) cabin? They were opposite the grand staircase on C-deck so would have been accessible? Thanks Paul
  9. A

    Major Arthur Peuchen

    I am Arthur Peuchen's great-great nephew and would be really interested to hear from anyone with any new information about him. Especially what happened in the years AFTER the Titanic disaster. Many thanks
  10. J

    Arthur Peuchen

    i have found out that Major Peuchen didnt go down into boat 6 to help man it but went down for somthing more serios.2 additional ropes on the stern of boat 6 were tangled and he went down to untangle the ropes when the ropes straightened he fell into the boat and his walet fell out.