1. B

    Did this make it off the ship?

    Hello. I have a wanted luggage label filled in by a passenger (survivor) of the Titanic, Miss Ed Appleton. Acompnying the label is a picture, lock of hair and a half penny. My understanding is that these labels were afixed to luggage that was needed on the crossing? I thought that only one...
  2. JJAstorII

    Titanic Gothic Arch Plate

    I just thought you all would enjoy seeing this. I recently went to a UK auction and got this plate. It’s marked 3/1912 which all of us Titanic nuts know is believed to have been the markings for Titanic. As a vast collector I have much from the Olympic but this is quite the crown jewel to...
  3. S

    Artifacts 7-2018

    I do hope they are able to keep these together and I think the Titanic Quarter would be the best spot for them. I've seen most of these artifacts at different exhibits. The last one was in Las Vegas. They are impressive. I might be mistaken but I thought the original agreement on the salvage of...
  4. John E. Marshall

    Dinner Plates

    In 2000, I had the privilege of visiting the Titanic Exhibition in Toronto. There I saw an exhibit compirising two plexiglass "towers" in which were plates from one of the Titanix's dining rooms. One plate was in pristine condition. The other was buckled and corroded. The difference between the...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    News Archived News Stories

    Edward Kamuda is the president of the Titanic Historical Society. He remembers when he first was introduced to the story. My father who owned the grand theatre out in Indian Orchard played the film titanic. And from that point I was hooked Kamunda said. |
  6. J

    Touching History?

    Hi everyone, Today I was told a story that I found hard to believe. I was enjoying a few drinks with a couple of friends and the conversation turned rather randomly to the Titanic, and before long we were discussing the Titanic Artefact Exhibition that came to the Manchester Museum of Science...
  7. P

    Mystery items in the Debris Field

    Hi all, This is my first post on these boards, so please treat me gently! ;-) Last Saturday, I attended a talk at the Science Museum in London (which is hosting an exhibit of Titanic artefacts) where a perfumist recounted the story of how Adolphe Saalfeld's samples of perfumes were recovered...