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    Colonel astor's will

    The will has now been proved in London of COLONEL JOHN JACOB ASTOR of Fifth Avenue New York who died in the wreck of the Titanic aged 47. The personal estate in the United Kingdom has been sworn for probate as of the net value of £90965. His will is dated September 18 last shortly after...
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    Fr Browne Astor photo is actually Ismay

    A famous Fr Browne photo - The man on the left bears a similarity, but is NOT William Walfdorf Astor, JJ's cousin. I have checked a number of photographs. As far as I am concerned it is a theory created to fit the use of the word "Astor" in the original Fr Browne album caption, based...
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    John Jacob Astor

    hi there i would like to know as much about jj astor as possible, also,what happened to his wife,madelain,and his son.. what also happened to the rest of his family, thanks for your help
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    John Jacob Astor Grave

    Is JJ Astor buried in Trinity Cemetary on Upper Manhattan?? Thanks, Trent
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    Astor's Death - Condition of the Body

    I am very impressed with this site. More information then in any book I have. My question: I have read (and cannot find the original) that JJ Astor was killed while standing in the wing bridge when funnel #1 fell. This was supported by the condition of his body upon recovery but I cannot find...