1. Steven Christian

    Titanic Key

    I know times might be tough for some families but one would think this is something one would want to keep in the family. Or maybe it just doesn't mean anything to the present generation. Anyway the bid is up to almost 40 grand. I check later to see what this actually goes for...
  2. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic watch sells for £98,000 at auction

    Oscar Scott Woody's watch is frozen at the time he went into the cold North Atlantic when the ship sank on 14 April, 1912. It was recovered from the ocean and returned to his wife Leila the following month. The watch was sold at Henry Aldridge & Sons in Devizes on Saturday along with other...
  3. Jason D. Tiller

    News A Menu From The Titanic Sold For A Staggering Amount Of Money

    Many people are familiar with the lavish lifestyle of first-class passengers on the Titanic, thanks to the award-winning Hollywood film (via IMDb). Not only did they have access to an inclusive gymnasium and a Turkish bath, but they also ate like royalty. In modern times, seafood doesn't come...
  4. Jason D. Tiller

    News Brooch gifted on Titanic in real life love story goes up for auction

    A brooch gifted to a woman by a steward onboard the Titanic shortly before the ship sank has gone up for auction. Note: I have some reservations about this brooch. I don't know of any stewards wearing...
  5. Jason D. Tiller

    News Rare, century-old brochure which hails the Titanic ‘the epitome of security’ expected to fetch £6,000 at auction

    A rare holiday brochure for the Titanic which was uncovered in Northern Ireland is set to go under the hammer just weeks before the 110th anniversary of the tragedy...
  6. Jason D. Tiller

    News Rare Titanic menu estimated to be worth £30-£40,000 is up for sale at maritime auction at Nesbits in Southsea

    Next month, a ‘pocket-sized’ menu from the doomed passenger liner - believed to be only one of two in existence - will be up for grabs at Nesbits in Clarendon Road...
  7. Jason D. Tiller

    News Kate Winslet’s Iconic Red Dress From Titanic Sells For A Shocking Price At An Auction!

    Movies can make quite a massive mark on people’s lives. And sometimes these people like to keep memorabilia from these classic movies. At a recent Hollywood auction, an iconic outfit sold for quite a whopping price that left everyone shocked but not surprised...
  8. Sold graduation gift at auction

    Sold graduation gift at auction

  9. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Artefacts from Carpathia wreck to be sold at auction

    Artefacts with significance to the story of the Titanic rescue recovered from the wreck of the Carpathia will be auctioned.... Mon, 12 Apr 2021
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Artefacts from Carpathia wreck to be sold at auction

    Artefacts with significance to the story of the Titanic rescue recovered from the wreck of the Carpathia will be auctioned.... Mon, 12 Apr 2021
  11. R

    Olympic Tiles, Wood and other Items found at Auction.

    Greetings All I found this small collection of Olympic relics and memorabilia at a local auction for not much money up here in Canada. I have always been fascinated by these historic ships and was very happy to acquire the items. The Items Include: - 4x 9" Lino Floor tiles Red and Cream...
  12. I

    Plate negative coming up for auction but is it Titanic

    This is coming up for auction in the UK in the next few weeks once in a while I come across posted that's believed to be Titanic but I do not think this is as it looks like too many lifeboat davits. Its described as follows Plate Negatives of The Titanic, the clinchers would seem to be the...
  13. Encyclopedia Titanica

    White Star Liner Brochures to be auctioned at Spink

    At auction in London 9 July 2019: A first and second class brochure in near perfect condition and in a separate lot, a scarcer third class brochure. Lot 2110: 1912 "White Star Line Olympic and Titanic" publicity brochure with tag line "Each 45,000 Tons" "The Largest Vessels in the World"...
  14. H

    Titanic and Britannic Artefacts and Fittings sold at Auction (News Links)

    Nothing big or major, but recently these two articles have appeared on the BBC Website: Titanic brandy flask sells for £76,000 Titanic sister ship items up for auction Just posting them here for anyone to read. Hopefully all the items find a good home to any historians or whoever buys...
  15. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Britannic panelling to be auctioned

    Interiors from the HMHS Britannic, identical to those used on the Titanic, have been discovered and are set for auction in Ireland on May 1. The panelling from two luxurious state rooms on Titanic’s sister ship, the Britannic, will take centre stage at an historic two-day auction in Ireland on...
  16. E

    Titanic Postcard up for auction- July 18th A Titanic postcard is coming up for auction on July 18th with Warwick and Warwick auctioneers. The link above takes you to an intriguing article about the postcard with photos and some information about...
  17. M

    Blair's medals up for sale at auction

    Medals of war hero who may have unwittingly helped sink Titanic go up for auction -
  18. Itsstillthinking

    Premier Exhibitions Future?

    We all remember last year when premier exhibitions and the company they own RMS Titanic Inc filed for bankruptcy and planned to sell the entire artifact collection and rights to the wreck site with James Cameron looking to bid for it. However in the recent weeks there seems to be conflicting...
  19. JJAstorII

    Original Post from 1935 auction

    So I recently won a item at auction of an original post from the RMS Olympic during the fittings auction in '35. I was wondering if anyone is able to tell me where they think it could've possibly been on the ship? I'm guessing 2nd class? It's made of solid oak and retains the original finish so...
  20. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Auctioning the Wallace Hartley Titanic violin