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    Pregnancy in the gilded age

    I was wondering if anyone knows how a pregnant woman in 1912 would have behaved? Would she have hid in her home during the last months of pregnancy, or would she have thrown on her cutest maternity dress and gone to the market? Did maternity clothes exist then? Was it considered taboo to show...
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    Children of Maria Backstrom and Ada West

    Ada West and Maria Backstrom were pregnant on the titanic, does anybody know when the babies were born and what became of them? Regards, Andrew
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    West Family & the Unknown Son

    Hi, I am looking for information regarding the Edwy Arthur West family that was on board. I have read the biographies on this site and they have been very helpful, but I have a few more questions that maybe someone can help me out with: 1) From what I gather, Ada West was pregnant while on...
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    Pregnant or Conceived on Titanic

    I know that Mrs. Astor was pregnant on the ship. What happened to her baby. Were any of the other women pregnant and what happened to their babies? [See The unborn babies of the Titanic for a list of those Titanic passengers that were pregnant on the Titanic and Titanic victims who became...