1. Melinda R

    Online location of Dr. Bevil's dissertation "And the Band Played on: hypotheses.. of music on the Titanic

    I am trying to find the forensic musicologist, J. Marshall Bevil's (deceased 2017) copy of And the Band Played On: Hypotheses concerning what music was performed near the climax of the Titanic disaster. This was one of his dissertations. He gave me permission in the early 2000s to use it but...
  2. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic Fact Check: Did The Band Really Play While The Ship Was Sinking?

    There are many stories from the sinking of the Titanic, of which many were depicted in James Cameron’s movie, including that the band kept playing while the ship was sinking – and here’s the true story behind that famous scene. James Cameron has brought a variety of big-budget productions to the...
  3. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The Besses o' th' Barn Band play 'Nearer My God to Thee'

    A recording made in 1912 of Nearer my God to Thee by the Besses o th barn band...
  4. L

    Question Is Mary Amanda Fairchild's theory about the band's last song true?

    Read The Last Song keynote
  5. H

    The Biggest Weekend 2018: Band "PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING" Creates 4 Titanic Related Songs

    Just found article that the band "Public Service Boardcasting" (that produce songs using old archive footage and audio such as on the Coal Miners Strike and Spitfires to name a few) have performed 4 new songs during the BBC's Biggest Weekend Festival (being Performed on the Harland & Wolff...
  6. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The Band That Played On
  7. TheTitaniac

    Review of 'Music Aboard the Titanic'

    Hi all, I recently created a write-up about the album Music Aboard the Titanic and would be interested in others' thoughts. The intent was to create a critical review as well as provide some context into each of the selections chosen and to maybe generate discussion on the topic. I plan to do...
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

  9. W

    Opening of plaque to Wallace Hartley

    I have successfully persuaded my local council to give me permission and funding for a blue plaque to Wallace Hartley due to the fact he was a residence in my home town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire, from 1902-1904. His fiancee was living here on the same road as the theatre where he played and...
  10. titanicman11

    Was there a band on Britannic?

    I'm also curious if there was a band on Britannic to entertain the wounded?
  11. H

    Olympic Bandsmen 1920's

    My great uncle was a bandsman on the Olympic and other ocean liners for many years. He was a notorious womaniser and married bigamously five or six times. He met wealthy women on his voyages! I would love to have a photograph of him, or any gossip....for the family archives. Although a...
  12. Alex Clark

    And The Band Played On.

    I have just read this and found it rather interesting. I was surprised at the comment made about cohabitation being the norm then. I also found the comments on the Women and Children First rule being a modern idea interesting. I would have thought it would be much more likely to happen then than...
  13. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic Songbook
  14. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic bandleader's letter is highlight of auction timed to the 100th

    A New Hampshire auction house is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic by offering more than 180 pieces of memorabilia from the maritime tragedy, including a letter from the bandleader who chose to play on as the ship sank. Wallace Hartley wrote home to his parents in...
  15. M

    New CD - The Titanic Requiem- by Robin and RJ Gibb - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    Hello, I'm really a new person on this forum. I don't know if you already know about this, but it's handy to know. The Titanic Requiem On 15 April 1912 the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic and over 1,500 people died. 100 years later, Robin Gibb and his son RJ, commemorate this disastrous...
  16. M

    Band in 2nd and 3d classes

    Looking for insights into what type of band played in second class, name of musicians, type of music, schedules, etc.
  17. M

    And the Band Played On by Christopher Ward

    Preview of a book soon to be published. Persevere past the first bit, which we all know one way or another, to read a rather depressing account. Tried to find if this was elsewhere on the Board, but it doesn't seem to be...
  18. M

    The Band That Played On by Steve Turner

    Just wondering if anyone else picked up this book. I haven't read it yet but it's on my short list. The story of the band has always been of interest to me.
  19. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The Band played Nearer My God to Thee as the Ship Went Down
  20. Etienne Michel

    Until what time did the band play

    I'm surprised there isn't any thread about the band during the aftermath of the collision and subsequent sinking of the ship. Perhaps I haven't looked in the right places? I'm specifically interested in knowing how long Wallace Hartley and his companions played after the collision. Is there...