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    H&W : Victoria channel's retrofit

    Hello everyone, I know, thanks to several Belfast maps, that the Victoria channel was widened after 1912, but before 1919. During the First World War, I recall that warships were built by H&W in Belfast. Perhaps the widening was sped up as they needed a wider channel ? Anyway, do you know when...
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  3. H

    Mystery Ship In Belfast May 29th-31st 1911: What Is It?

    For the past year, I have been trying to identify this ship that is seen docked nearby the Arrol Gantry between May 29th and May 31st 1911, just days before Titanic’s launch. She can been seen in several photos (ranging from a postcard to a John Kempster Photo) but unfortunately is aways seen...
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    The Biggest Weekend 2018: Band "PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING" Creates 4 Titanic Related Songs

    Just found article that the band "Public Service Boardcasting" (that produce songs using old archive footage and audio such as on the Coal Miners Strike and Spitfires to name a few) have performed 4 new songs during the BBC's Biggest Weekend Festival (being Performed on the Harland & Wolff...
  5. H

    Titanic and the Museum of Failure: Right or Wrong?

    I just seen this news story on the internet: US museum labelling Titanic a failure blasted by Belfast councillor - Apparently the Museum of Failure in Los Angeles (who ever thought there was such a thing?) has decided to place the Titanic in it's exhibition of failed...
  6. H

    Confirming date of Photo: RMS Olympic departing Belfast.

    HELP! Quickly looking up photos from The Ulster & Folk Transport Museum here: Titanic - Olympic repairs and refitting on the discussion of the new photographs found by mpj27, and I notice this photo here (Below, hopefully it's not too big). Now the UFTM states that the Britannic is in the...
  7. H

    Titanic Escape Rooms: Creative expierence or Bad Taste?

    Belfast is soon excepted to receive a Titanic-themed escape room as reported here: Disrespectful and in bad taste - concerns over Titanic-themed game coming to Belfast - Titanic: The Final Hour (as it will be known) will involve having to escape a themed cabin with...
  8. A

    Poor Taste - Belfast Bread Titanic Tour

    This event is in very bad taste. Don't know what they were thinking. Event location - Belfast city centre Date - September 30th 2017. Description from - 'On Belfast Bred you'll discover the city's fascinating culinary history in the company of Barney, a cheeky chef from the...
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    Demolition of Titanic Belfast and other historic buildings disarray

    This thread was created after Aaron_2016 referenced on the thread Titanic: The New Evidence highlighted the recent and bizarre trend in Belfast to demolish buildings of immense historic importance to the Harland & Wolff Shipyard and Titanic in general. Houses / offices that were used by H&W...
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    Titanic Launch: RMS Olympic in photo?

    Whilst looking on Amazon for possible Titanic books to buy in the future, I came across "Titanic and her Sisters Olympic and Britannic" by Peter Davies-Garner. a model making book describing technical details of the Olympic class vessels should you wish to build one from scratch. (Link to book...
  11. B

    Olympic after the Hawke collision.

    I'm working on a timeline of Olympic's career, but can't figure out the dates of a few events. I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I can't figure out when Olympic left Southampton for Belfast and when she arrived there, and can't figure when she left Belfast and arrived back in...
  12. Hazel Gaynor

    Wonderful Titanic Art by Jim McDonald

    Belfast artist Jim McDonald's images of Titanic and the men who built her are fabulous. Jim was born in the shadows of the shipyard and is a third generation shipyard worker himself. Jim recently gave me permission to use one of his images 'Maiden Voyage' for the cover of my Titanic novel which...