1. M

    News from 1899: Thomas Ismay and the Freedom of the City of Belfast

    On 20 July 1899, just a few months before his death (see News from 1899: Death of Thomas H. Ismay), Thomas Ismay was awarded the freedom of the City of Belfast and became its second Honorary Burgess, the first having been William Pirrie a year earlier. The Belfast News-Letter of 21 July (Belfast...
  2. Duck_Dur

    Harland and Wolff response to the sinking

    Hello, Does anyone know what Harland and Wolff do after the news of the sinking reached Belfast. I understand that they closed the shipyard for the day but I presume more things would have been done to remember the sinking
  3. C

    Olympic at Belfast

    Found his framed photo in an antique shop in NJ in the early 80's (1980-1982) measures about 14" x 6" Any help identifying this would be appreciated. I have not been able to find another similar image. Thank you
  4. Jason D. Tiller


    Maritime Belfast Trust, the charity responsible for promoting and preserving Belfast’s maritime heritage, has launched Where Belfast Begins, Maritime Belfast Story. A story plan which is a framework for anyone who has an interest in developing the city’s waterfront and Maritime Mile. It is...
  5. Jason D. Tiller

    Belfast's iconic harbour and docklands through the years

    Belfast Harbour might be located at the edge of the city - but in all the ways that matter, it's the city's heart. It's the foundation on which Belfast's economy was built. Initially, it was a hub for domestic and international trade, though it later became home to one of Northern Ireland's...
  6. Jason D. Tiller

    Shipyard that built the Titanic books order to build 11 barges

    Harland & Wolff may be best known as the builder of the ill-fated transatlantic liner RMS Titanic, but these days its sights are set on somewhat different markets. It has just been awarded an initial contract worth approximately GBP 8.5 million (about $10.7 million) by Cory Group. The contract...
  7. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic launched in Belfast on this day 111 years ago

    Tuesday marks the 111-year anniversary of the day the ill-fated liner RMS Titanic rolled down the slipway in Belfast and touched the water for the first time. The launch of the Titanic at the Harland and Wolff shipyards in 1911 was watched by a reported 100,000 at the city’s docklands at...
  8. Jason D. Tiller

    News Belfast survivor’s story of Titanic heroism (1912)

    An interesting and graphic account of some of the outstanding incidents which occurred on board the Titanic after the gigantic liner collided with an iceberg was given to one of the News Letter’s representatives during this week in 1912 by a Miss M Sloan, who had been stewardess on the ill-fated...
  9. Jason D. Tiller

    News Key facts on Titanic and Belfast — 110 years after it sailed on its fateful transatlantic voyage

    It is 110 years to the day since the Belfast-built set sail on its disastrous maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Key facts on Titanic and Belfast
  10. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic’s 110th anniversary: One of only six life jackets remaining from ship to be displayed in Belfast museum

    One of only six life jackets remaining from the Titanic has gone on display at the Titanic Belfast museum to commemorate the 110th anniversary of its sinking...
  11. Jason D. Tiller

    News Fun in the air for 10 years of Titanic Belfast

    FLUTTERING kites and hot air balloons marked the 10th anniversary of Titanic Belfast at the famous slipways on Saturday.
  12. Jason D. Tiller

    News Ship of dreams: Titanic Belfast celebrates milestone with photography exhibition

    Let your heart go on, and experience the somber story of the Titanic like never seen before in this photo exhibition
  13. Jason D. Tiller

    News Camilla Gets a Tour of Belfast's Iconic Titanic Museum

    The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Titanic museum in Belfast where she was given a tour of the exhibition before greeting members of the public outside.
  14. Jason D. Tiller

    News Special photographic exhibition to mark 10th anniversary of Titanic Belfast

    A special photographic exhibition has been launched to mark the 10th birthday of Titanic Belfast.
  15. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic's Voyage from Belfast to Southampton April 2nd

    What are the facts about Titanics sea trials examining her course and speed prior to arrival in Southampton.... Titanica! Mon, 01 Nov 2021
  16. M

    H&W : Victoria channel's retrofit

    Hello everyone, I know, thanks to several Belfast maps, that the Victoria channel was widened after 1912, but before 1919. During the First World War, I recall that warships were built by H&W in Belfast. Perhaps the widening was sped up as they needed a wider channel ? Anyway, do you know when...
  17. M

    Olympic : repairs in Belfast, March 1912

    Hello everyone, I am doing researches regarding the first week of March 1912. The Olympic arrived in Belfast on the evening of the 1st of March because she lost a propeller blade one week before, on February 24th 1912 and needed repairs. At the same time, the Titanic was still being outfitted...
  18. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Olympic & Titanic : Trials of the Olympic, and Departure from Belfast

    31st May 1911 saw both the launch of the Titanic and the departure from Belfast of the Olympic... The Shipbuilder Wed, 00 Jun 1911
  19. Adam Melling-Smith

    Answered Structure on starboard bow in Belfast footage

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can provide information as to what the large hanging structure attached to Titanic's starboard bow is, in the footage of her entering the graving dock in Belfast (the only known moving pictures of the ship on the surface)? Seems to be a large block attached to...
  20. Limerick Lass

    David Blair not on the list of Belfast Delivery Crew

    Hi all, Does anyone know why David Blair is not currently (10 Feb 2020) listed as part of the Belfast to Southampton Delivery Crew? Capt. Haddock IS on the list, so I can't understand why Blair isn't. A lot of those listed have 'Delivery Crew Only' noted, so I expected to see his name there. LL